Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week # 420

Hello little friends and happy new year everyone! I hope you ate lots of galette des rois and humiliated the younger ones by making them sit under the table. A new week is starting and we hope it will bring good news. Happy Monday everyone!


1. “The Covid started when I was 21. I’m going to be 37 this year.”

2. The poor must have been so bad

3. Difficult to choose my favorite


4. That famous shrill yes

5. I think they give food it’s not possible otherwise

6. They are not afraid of anything

7. Totally true and scientifically proven

8. He looks way too happy that’s annoying


10. Want to do some between two puzzles

11. In the high school of Riverdale too, but everything is normal


12. He’s right, you have to break away from the herd

13. It’s noted in my diary

14. Unless we eat the plate of apple pie

15. No one has been helping him for a while

16. Plot twist: he really wanted to scratch

17. It had to fall on them, no luck …

18. Always the same catchphrase


19. I would have cried for joy

20. That will teach them


21. An essay as bad as the dress viciously

22. Calm down it’s not even been two years

23. And they deserve a little recognition

24. We will repeat it to no one


25. It’s the best smell on Earth

27. Red Flag Red Flag

Don’t forget to watch the best series on OCS tonight: the first episode of season 2 of Euphoria (we can’t wait).