Top 20 things we did 10 years ago and thought it was cool (when not …

The years 2000-2010 were possibly the worst decade this world has ever worn. We came out alive but not without scars. These years were so terrible that they marred with unease the following five years, which are now included in the term “2000s” or “dark years of our history”. There are many concepts that we thought were cool in 2010 and that we don’t even dare to pronounce the name today. Luckily, that 2010 stuff is gone by 2020, but sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror when you remember wearing a snapback cap and dancing the tecktonik. The worst part is that we thought we were really cool …

1. Say “Ok I’m going out” and “… or not!” at the end of his sentences

2012: Okay, it’s decided, tonight I’ll stop drinking… Or not lol! Ok I’m leaving !

2022: NO

There were plenty of other buzzwords in 2010 that have thankfully disappeared, but these are definitely the worst.

2. The Harlem Shake and the Lip dubs

2012: Haha too bad you weren’t able to come to the party yesterday, we did a Harlem Shake, it was too crazy! Besides, you won’t forget to send a video of yourself for the Lip Dub on Call me maybe, it’s for Karine’s birthday!

2022: NO

There are dances that should be banned, really.

3. Go to Chatroulette and Bazoocam

2012: Hey, what if we go on Chatroulette to talk to people we don’t know? It would be too funny, I’m sure there are lots of nice people!

2022: NO

4. Pay for a phone ringtone

2012: Oh look, if I send PIOU to 6 32 32, I can have the Poussin Piou ringtone on my phone and it’s only 3.50 € per SMS! I hesitate with Mignon Mignon by René the mole, what do you think?

2022: NO

5. Be the admin of a Facebook page

2012: On the other hand, I don’t want to bring it back but I am the admin of the pages “One Direction: more than a passion, a religion”, “Codes of bestahhhs: $” and “The thief of pens, we all had it in our class “. What are you admin of?

2022: NO

6. Check the number of likes of your Facebook photos

2012: I got 132 likes on my last profile picture. I would love to change the photo but imagine if I don’t have so many likes! Maybe I should send “Kikou, can you like my new pdp please ??? Thank you for the best; D ”to all my friends, right?

2022: NO

7. Take pictures of your shoes

2012: The Converse is so too stylish! We are going to take pictures seen from above with my friends, would you like to put it in profile picture?

2022: NO

Tight Circle Of Friends

8. Make duckfaces on the Retrica photos

2012: It’s really practical Retrica, we have access to lots of super cool filters! Come and do a duckface on this one, there is a sepia filter!

2022: NO

9. The jokes about Chuck Norris and Your mom is so fat

2012: Hey your mother is so fat that when she weighs herself, her phone number is displayed! And you wanna know why Chuck Norris never gets wet?

2022: NO

10. Have lots of stupid and useless apps

2012: Hey look, I can drink beer with my iPhone haha, we believe it eh! And I can unwind from PQ with touch too haha.

2022: NO

11. Send the video of the Nyan Cat to his friends

2012: What? Don’t you know the Nyan Cat video? It’s JUST the funniest thing on the web, actually. You’re really not at the top of the hype you …

2022: NO

12. Sing Cup Song by tapping a cup

2012: * sees a goblet and starts humming * I got my ticket for the long way ’round…

2022: NO

14. Have posters “Keep Calm and …” at home

2012: I hesitate between “Keep Calm and Hakuna Matata” and “Keep Calm and buy a unicorn”… or do I take “Keep Calm and buy lots of bitcoins”?

2022: THE LAST

15. Wear clothes with “mustache” patterns

2012: Oh look, a t-shirt with Orlando Bloom that has a mustache on his index finger, so stylish! Ohhh and there are also mustache pendants! And mustache notebooks! What if I got a mustache tattoo …

2022: NO. STOP.

16. Idolize Chipmunks and Minions

2012: Haha I love the Chipmunks, they are so cute! But I like Minions even more, I think I’ll buy a Minions case.

2020: NO

It’s hard to decide which is the worst animated mascot song…

17. Wear Brazilian bracelets and shamballas

2012: Ah, don’t you have Brazilian bracelets? You know I can teach you, it’s super easy to do and you can even wear them on your ankle. After if you prefer, there are the shamballas too!

2022: NO

18. Make videos with killer clowns

2012: It’s funny though these killer clown videos, the people doing that must be super funny in real life. I love pranks haha.

2022: NO

19. Record a joke on your answering machine

2012: Hello? Hey, are you here ? I can’t hear you, speak louder! No, it’s my answering machine, leave a message and I’ll call you back!

2022: NO

20. Buy funny t-shirts

2012: You saw, I bought a “J’essuie ton père” t-shirt and another “Video games ruined my life, I have two left”. Isn’t that too funny ???

2022: NO

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