Top 20 songs that are 20 years old in 2022, it’s been a while

Hey, time flies huh? Yes, this intro is cheesy, and at the same time it’s time to be cheesy since we’re all going to dive back together 20 years back. Remember, at the time we all had shitty looks, we learned to pay in euros and we remembered who Lionel Jospin was. But, above all, the year 2002 was a superb year in terms of music. We were treated to some very, very good, but also some so bad that we thought it was good. And be happy, there are some great tracks there to add to your playlist of songs to listen to in the car.

2. Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Those who wore Van’s, Element sweaters and big fat baggies all fell in love with Avril Lavigne after seeing this clip. Avril was the real girl we all wanted: she liked guy stuff, skated, fucked up at the mall and wore a tie without looking stupid. Well, we had weird tastes too.

3. Robbie Williams – Feel

It’s by far Robbie’s biggest single in our region (in any case, the best), and I can tell you that it still resonates regularly in Topito’s offices. The clip is also worth seeing since seeing Robbie riding a horse and taking a bath, then riding again behind it, is priceless.

4. Coldplay – The Scientist

How many times have you cried while listening to this song? Me about 20, I was in first and I had just been dumped. Damn how good it was when Coldplay was still making great music and didn’t sound like it was straight out of a big Color Party. The good old times.

5. Bratisla Boys – Stach Stach

A song that we all recognized from the intro (we were trying to be in sync with the “Da boul Daboulkaniech”). A song of which we all knew the choreography. A song that hasn’t aged a bit. In fact, a monument of French song. Well, Slovak.

6. Calogero – Weightless

It was the first time we discovered this little guy, without imagining that we would hear him every 5 minutes on the radio for the next 20 years. For better, but mostly for worse (if you’ve ever heard I play music, You know what I’m talking about). At least, Weightlessness, it was nice, and then there was Mélanie Doutey in the clip so frankly we weren’t going to complain.

7. Eminem – Lose Yourself

If I had classified the music of this top on the only criterion of quality, I would have put this MONUMENT of rap in first position. Seriously, we don’t hear every four mornings flows like Eminem’s and productions that make you want to go and participate in street fights so much. Well, in the end, street fights, we didn’t do any, but Lose Yourself is always on our motivational playlists for riding the elliptical at the gym. Thug Life takes a hit.

8. Johnny Hallyday – All together

If only one track in Johnny’s discography had to be retained, it wouldn’t be this one. Both because it’s shit, and both because I’m convinced that it was because of this anthem that we lost the 2002 World Cup. No thanks, Johnny, really not .

9. Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song (Asejere)

Rarely has a music intro given me the impression of ordering a mojito on the beach at the hotel bar while wearing a white shirt, Aviator glasses and a little straw hat. Damn, this song turns me into Ringardos 2000, I want to sing it. Hold on, it’s the passage of ANANANANAAANANANAAAAANANANAAAAAA please help me i can’t stop, i did nothing to deserve this.

10. Renaud and Axelle Red – Manhattan Kabul

Make us all sing at the top of our lungs in karaoke a title that causes wars and attacks, frankly it had to be done. Renaud and Axelle succeeded, so congratulations to them. But please stop trying to imitate Renaud when you sing this song. You will never do it as well as I do.

11. Indochine – I asked the moon

The Scrapbook Paradise (the 9th of Indochina anyway) marked the big comeback of the group, and it is largely thanks to this song that we heard about 50 times a day almost everywhere. There is a funny thing with I asked the moon, is that as soon as we talk about it, we remember that it was written by Mickaël Furnon of Mickey 3D. It is a kind of obligatory passage. A ritual, in a way. Ben there it did not miss again.

12. Nickelback – How You Remind Me

Before the whole world started to hate Nickleback for strange reasons, we had been entitled to this little post-grunge gem that even Nirvana would not have denied. If you like clean verses, heavy choruses and big voices, you should listen to this wonder again right away. It will do you good.

13. Natasha St-Pier – You Will Find

Let anyone who has never had a lot of fun singing backing vocals with the voice of Pascal Obispo throw the first stone at me. But not too strong either.

14. Benoit – Turn Around Benoit

This is the kind of masterpiece of French chanson that makes me want to ask: “What would good old Mozart think of that?” » And in fact, we all already have the answer: Mozart would sway his hips without any complex on this marvel that subtly speaks of self-discovery, of one’s desires, of one’s sexual orientation. And of Jean Mario, the facetious protagonist of this story.

15. Jenifer – In the Sun

To quote the first comment that appears below the clip on YouTube: “We, who were born between the beginning and the end of the 90s, were really lucky to be able to know these wonderful melodies that are still buried in our hearts. » I couldn’t have said it better. I’m moved, even.

16. Felicien Taris – Cum cum Mania

Among the worst songs on reality TV, we find very well ranked this legendary performance by Félicien du Loft. A song that smells of ferias, charcuterie and alcohol abuse. Simply great art.

17. Lorie – I need love

If you still doubted that the year 2002 was a prosperous period for music, Lorie is here to confirm it. By listening to this tube, you should normally receive all the love you need through your ears. Lucky bunch.

18. Priscilla – Look At Me (Test Me, Hate Me)

Come on while we’re at it, here’s Lorie’s alter ego, the aptly named Priscilla. In fact I just checked and it is not at all “well named” since Priscilla means “old”. I just wanted to give a sympatoche effect to this sentence but it is totally missed. My excuses.

19. Jean-Pascal – The Agitator

JP traumatized a whole generation of students in Physics-Chemistry class who could no longer hear the word “agitator” without immediately having this melody in mind. I ask for a minute of silence for them please.

20. Gérald De Palmas – She is bored

What is very strong with this title is that when we listen to it, we too are bored. In fact he should have stopped after On the road, From Palmas.

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