Top 20 of the best tweets on ecology, for those who love the planet

After the memes on ecology, the green gestures to follow and many more tops on the subject, we are in non-polluting green tweet mode in order to welcome the sixth mass extinction serenely.

2. Logic

4. Passion watts

5. Not wrong

6. Help her

7. When you’re told it’s the rich who are destroying the planet

8. Only the real know

9. Not Fake

10. And we thank them

11. Everything is first and foremost a matter of transmission

12. Only the truth hurts first

13. It shoots live ammunition

15. Small tune-up

17. We are on a form of failure

18. GO take the lead

19. A Fair and Sincere Fight

20. Drunk, he has solutions

If the subject interests you, Louise has written a great book on ecology, J’agis pour le climat. Good reading by the way.

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