Top 15 things you probably didn’t know about the set of Scream, the secrets behind…

On the occasion of the release of the fifth opus of the saga Scream we decided to do a little overview to unearth some filming and production secrets of this legend of horror cinema who has existed since 1996. You thought you knew everything about these films? We’re going to check it out together with these little known bits of information, which will allow us to talk about some of Wes Craven’s most creepy sequences. A good reason to review the first four before going to the movies to see the last one if you want my opinion.

1. The idea for the screenplay came to Kevin Williamson when he was babysitting a relative’s house

While alone in a friend’s shack, screenwriter Kevin Williamson was watching a documentary about the Gainesville shootings in the United States and the killer Danny Rolling. The news item gave him the idea of ​​writing about a serial killer, but it was also a second event that occurred that evening that convinced him: Williamson was given a good dose of fright when he found a window of the house which he kept open when he was convinced he had closed it. It begins well.

2. The original title was “Scary Movie”

And this title remained until the end of the shooting, then we probably decided to change it because it was all rotten. We found a better one inspired by a Michael Jackson song and the Wayans brothers were able to take Scary Movie as a title for their comedy. And if you find that “Scream” is not crazy, tell yourself that in Quebec the film is called Chills.

3. Other actors were in the pipeline for lead roles

Before Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich got the main roles in the first film, we had offered the roles to other people (normal, it’s done in Hollywood). Sydney was almost interpreted by Brittany Murphy but also Reese Witherspoon, while the role of her boyfriend had been offered to Joaquin Phoenix. For connoisseurs, Jason Lee (Mallrats) was also offered the role of Randy, the funny friend.

4. The film was turned down by Wes Craven

After his commercial failure of the remake of Freddy, Wes Craven wanted to move away from horror cinema, so he refused the script for the first time. The project passed into the hands of Robert Rodriguez and we even mentioned Tarantino as director as well as Danny Boyle and Sam Raimi. But eventually Craven’s assistant, Julie Plec, convinced him to make the film and then she quit to go create the series. Vampire Diaries, whose name is vampire diarrhea in Quebec (this is false).

5. All of the killer’s phone calls were made live

A true hallmark of the saga, the killer’s phone calls have always been filmed live and it is always the same actor who does the killer’s voice. Roger Jackson was therefore present on the set equipped with a microphone and he freaked out all the victims live, which gives an authentic side to the struggles and a good ping-pong of replicas between the actors. Moreover Drew Barrymore refused to meet him before shooting his scenes to discover his voice directly while playing.

6. Suddenly the police were really contacted during the filming of a scene

During the introductory scene of the first film, Drew Barrymore receives a phone call from the killer before beginning to panic and contact 911. But since the lines of the phones used on set were active so the calls were caught live , she really contacted the police several times without realizing it. On the other end of the line there must have been a terrified switchboard operator who said to himself that he was being called because a killer wanted to kill a young girl and the production was obliged to explain itself to the cops after a moment.

7. “Scream 2” was made in absolute urgency

In order to surf on the colossal success of the first film, scream 2 was quickly ordered by the studio with shooting in July and a release in December 1997 (the following year). But the project could have taken a lot longer because the script leaked during filming and the identity of the killer had been revealed (first online script leak in cinema history). Williamson then came to work directly on set to rewrite sequences as production progressed and change the entire finale of the film.

8. The inspirations of the famous mask (1): a trick and catch mask

When the film crew were looking for locations to shoot they came across a place where they found a prank-and-catch mask that really caught Craven’s eye. As they did not have the rights they worked on an alternative version and above all by finding a second source of inspiration which you will see in the next point (I have the right to do it in two points, it is my top).

9. The inspirations of the famous mask (2): Edward Munch’s “The Scream”

The best known of the inspirations is that of the painting “The Scream” by Edward Munch with which one can easily find similarities. The tribute goes even further since the title of the film is a nod to that of the painting, but it is above all the whole color palette of the image which is inspired by that of Munch’s canvas.

10. The production hated Ghostface’s mask and came up with a hundred more

When Wes Craven finally got the mask he wanted, the producers weren’t at all, but then not at all convinced. They hired a team to design and create several masks because they thought Ghostface’s one was ridiculous and not scary at all. Some even asked that we stop filming, but producer Bob Weinstein agreed to continue filming if he was shown several versions of scenes with different masks. Finally he decided to keep the original and it became completely cult.

11. The success of the film was not instantaneous

Released during the Christmas holidays, the first part of Scream was eclipsed by two other films: jerry maguire and Mars Attack!, which means that its first weekend of operation was not very conclusive. However, word of mouth worked and the film earned $170 million worldwide but mostly stayed in theaters for over eight months, which doesn’t happen often.

12. Robert Rodriguez directed part of “Scream 2”

Do you remember when we talked about how Robert Rodriguez almost realized Scream ? Well he decided to laugh about it and participated in a small part of the production of scream 2. At the very beginning the protagonists go to the cinema to see the fictional film stabilizer, inspired by the events of the first Scream and all the scenes in this fake movie were directed by the Honorable Rodriguez.

13. The movie boosted sales of a caller ID phone system

In the months following the release of the first film, subscription sales of “Caller ID” (caller ID) exploded as they multiplied by three. People had become a little paranoid, it must be believed, and to avoid bad phone pranks, they grabbed this paid system. It’s clearly like those series that boosted the sales of certain products.

14. The film received a harsh rating in part because of a line

The producers were aiming for a classification R-rated, which means that spectators under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. But in the end he got a NC-17, a ban on spectators under the age of 17. More severe, this classification was given because of two things: the dose of blood used in the introduction when Drew Barrymore is killed but above all because of a line that the censors asked to remove (but which is remained): “Films don’t create psychopaths. Movies make psychopaths more creative. »

15. Wes Craven makes a super cool cameo in the movie.

Well this one is mega famous but in case you missed it here is the director’s little cameo in the film to finish: he plays the role of the establishment’s concierge and is dressed exactly the same as Freddy Krueger (himself janitor in a school in the film saga). A nice tribute to the best character he created.

top 15 things you probably didn't know about the set of scream, the secrets behind...

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