Top 15 Rotten Guys Names

We recently gave you a detailed and powerful analysis on the worst names for girls. Thanks to your votes on this ultimate ranking, this time we were able to establish according to different algorithms the fifteen most rotten male names from rotten home. This ranking is 100% reliable and reflects the thinking of the French.

1. Toaster

On that note, we can say that you were very honest by positioning this rather unusual first name in the first position of the most hated first names in France. Fortunately it does not exist.

2. Titouan

Well, we start on a real basis of real first name. A difficult first name. A painful first name. A name for the future? Who knows. The bottom line with Titouan is that we have the impression that it’s a contraction of something that doesn’t mean anything like “p’tit outang”. In short, we’re not going to wriggle with the thong, this name just makes your nose bleed.

3. Kylian

A venerable and revered second position on the lose podium, the first name Kylian makes a lot of people unhappy. Particularly because we are tempted to call her “Kiki”, which is why the Kylians are victims throughout their lives. Also because it is considered a first name of beauf. Sorry.

4. Mohammed

A good moldy first name with nevertheless a diminutive of death like “Momo” which in no way allows to impose respect. In addition, it’s a first name of three syllables, it’s way too long, you waste a lot of time writing it and you never know if there is an “m” or two. A scam in due form.

5. Honored

What an honor, however, to be called Honoré! Mouaif. You speak. Apart from Balzac, there is not even a single star called Honoré, and even less in reality TV, it is proof that this first name has no swag.

6. Melvin

Well, personally Melvin is a first name that I have never met, I cannot understand how this first name can be one of the most common. Suddenly, I hypothesize that this name comes from a Masonic plot and that only reptilians are worthy of wearing it.

7. Timeo

KEUA? How does this first name of death not figure in first place in this classification of onomastic mediocrity? Timeo really I do not understand. If there was still an accent on the “e”, it would go to 3rd or 4th position, but there really it is not possible. It’s a big no for Titi.

8. Aurèle

There I think you voted Aurèle just because it is an old name worn on average by octogenarians. Yet Aurèle is a very nice name, much better than Aurélien if you ask me. But hey, an official classification is an official classification, THE FRENCH HAVE VOTED.

9. Malo

Unsurprisingly, we find Malo, an obviously rotten first name whose nullity is matched only by the conjunctivitis contracted by all those who read this demonic first name.

10. Mehdi

The cool thing about Mehdi is that you can do lots of ultra hilarious puns, which will enhance your evening with humor during your festivities: “Mehdi-cament”, “Mehdi-me, how are you? “,” Ah Mehdi euros a baguette is too much? »THAT’S LAUGHTER GUARANTEED LIKÉ SHARED SUBSCRIBER.

11. Enzo

But what is this absolutely hellish name? The thing is, it just lacks a “K” to make “Kenzo”, it’s stupid because except for a letter you could have perhaps been sponsored for life by the brand.

12. Elijah

Well, it must be said that Elie Kakou did a lot of harm to this name which nevertheless has its charm.

13. Gaspard

A gas and it starts again. Come on, that’s it for me.

14. Erwan

A Breton first name as we like them blah, even if the presence of a “w” allows him to bring back a lot of points in Scrabble.

15. Christine

Uh OK, what is sexism? Oh yeah because you think that because we have male sexual attributes, we must necessarily have a male first name? No, but you have to get out of your hetero-normed and cisgender system after a while.

Well between us I allow myself to notify all the same that given the number of Breton first names present in this list of the lose, there seems to be all the same a form of rejection of the region …

Otherwise we also have a list of epicene first names that you did not know (hi Isabeau) and another list of the worst names in the world because we like to display hihi people.

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