Top 15 of the most beautiful insults in Spanish

Knowing how to say Hello, Left, Right and Thank you is very practical, but if you really want to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, you will have to work a little more than that. And not eating Catalan specialties in Barcelona in a tapas bar that does not count. Fortunately, we gave you a little memo to complete your good years of Spanish.

1. Cabrón

Literally: Goat (not to say Cuckold)

Context : At the beach, your drunk friend just threw water in your face, or shook his towel full of sand in your eyes. You don’t know if you find it funny or not, but when in doubt you insult it.

2. Joder

Literally: Make sexuality.

Context : You just woke up, today you work, and it’s noon, so you put your phone down moaning “Do sex …”

3. A tomar por culo

Literally: To take it in the ass

Context : Your friends suggest you go for a drink at the other end of town, and what’s more, on foot. So you exclaim “But, it’s to be taken by the ass!” »(Understand: far).

4. Mariquita

Literally: ladybug

Context : When your buddy has a fruity cocktail with a little umbrella on it. But it’s not nice, because it’s homophobic (by one) and Sex on the beach is super good.

5. Me cago en la ostia

Literally: I shit in the host.

Context : When your computer crashes and, in principle, you do not save any document until it is finished. If it’s someone’s fault, you might say “I’m shitting in your mother the bitch”

6. There’s a jamon

Literally: And a ham.

Context : The person responsible for the death of your computer asks you if he can borrow it again, so you answer him “And a ham yeah”. We would rather have said “And a Mars too?” But the Spaniards obviously care a lot about their charcut.

7. Mama verga

Literally: Tète (from the verb téter) verge.

Context : You call a mate for a drink that night, and you like him enough to affectionately insult him three times per sentence.

8. Malparido

Literally: Poor delivery

Context : You are quiet in your car and a big asshole gives you a fishtail and has the nerve to honk you so that you fall back quickly.

9. From puta madre

Literally: Mother bitch

Context : We ask you how your weekend went, and you were just with friends at a festival and it was unbelievably great. You even made a card game.

10. Coño

Literally: Vulva.

Context : Your friend left without warning of the evening and as you worried you reprimanded her on the phone “But why did you leave vulva so early? “

11. Gilipollas

Literally: Idiotbite.

Context : Your friend is sad because he heard people criticize his new hairstyle and to console him you tell him “don’t be careful, they are idiotbites”

12. That you den

Literally: That we give you

Context : We just told you that you shouldn’t wear such a short skirt, because afterwards you won’t have to cry if you get pissed off. And as you are shocked by so much stupidity you give in the local “but go fuck yourself”.

13. Guarra

Literally: Sow if it’s a noun, Cracra if it’s an adjective

Context : What the big asshole will soon get out of the point above for you. But don’t be careful, it’s a gilipolla.

14. Conchatumadre

Literally: Coquillagetamère (not to say Vulvetamer) (Not to say La vulva à ta daronne).

Context : You have just presented a thesis with exaltation and one of your friends is finicky on a point and freaks your balls so you answer him “Bitter shell, you didn’t understand anything”

15. Me suda la polla / Me la suda

Literally: I’m sweating kiki.

context : We make you understand that you should not arrive drunk at the office, that you would risk having problems, but since you are the Yolo type, this is where you retort that it does not matter to you (and therefore that you sweat kiki).

16. Hijo de puta

Literally: Son of a bitch

Context : I don’t think I need to contextualize, do I?

17. No me jodas

Literally: Don’t fuck me

Context : somebody’s trying to play the ‘if you lose i win, and if i win you pers’ stunt on you. Make it clear to her that you are not the type of person to get fucked.

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