Top 15 of the funniest messages sent by teachers, we would have liked so much to have class…

The teachers may have excesses of anger when they receive protocols from the Minister of National Education after the start of the school year by the press, they are in reality very funny people, as shown by the funniest corrections from teachers and the tweets the funniest things about profs. If you had the chance to go to school (normally yes since you are reading us), you must have already received emails from teachers, some cooler than others. Here is a compilation of the best messages sent by teachers to their students. Spoiler: they made us want to go back and put our ass in a class to listen to them teach us about life, they seem so nice.

1. “Hello Sir, I just wanted to kill you and email and let you know that I won’t be in class on Wednesday because I have to get my CPR certificate and that’s the only class for the month”


(In fact the guy wrote “and email” instead of “an email”, which explains the teacher’s answer):

“So you’re going to both kill me and email me?” Thank you for training in resuscitation. It’s nice to know someone who can do it when I need it again. »

2. “My teacher emailed us saying we had a very important text to read before our first class today, which I thought was really mean, but then I looked at what we had to read and it got much worse”

“Open this immediately and study it carefully. This sets the tone for the whole course. »

” Welcome to Hell ! »

3. “My teacher freaked me out for a second”

“You have attachment issues. Please fix it. »

“Sorry for the confusion, I was talking about the attachment. »

4. “High school: Middle school is no joke, your teachers are very serious and you must always be professional and respectful. University:”

“Mr. Wiltse, is it still good for you if I take my final exam tomorrow at noon?” I let you tell me again. »

” No matter. »

5. “The email my teacher sent killed me”

“Hello everyone, I am canceling class hours for this Wednesday so that I can go and get a friend out of prison. I apologize for this inconvenience but I think the inconvenience of being incarcerated is greater than yours will be. »

6. “Guys, my teacher just sent me this email and I’ve never been so embarrassed. I blame you, the Harry Potter movies”

“Hello, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. While I was reading your writing, I noticed that you used ‘Chamber of Secrets’ several times instead of ‘Chamber of Commerce’. I’m not going to take any points away from you and I’m going to push the deadline to Monday, so you’ll have more time to solve all your problems[…]. »

7. “My son’s business teacher sent this to his class.”

“Ethics and business law: forgive me the typos, here is the culprit. This is your teaching assistant for your course. His name is Luck. It can make a Zoom call day and night. He’s the reason for my typos: he’s lying on my keyboard. »

8. “Oh, so my teacher takes attendance seriously.”

“It’s always ‘I couldn’t find the classroom.’ Truly ? REALLY ? ‘My other price exceeded on the hour’. No. I don’t buy that excuse. ‘I was caught in a nuclear explosion/I had my arm torn off in a terrible badger related accident/I was stuck by debris from a piece of falling sky etc.’ I’m going to need proof. End result: be there and on time. If I don’t sleep in, no one at this university will. »

9. “My teacher likes to be called by his first name and I wrote Brain instead of Brian!!!!”

“Hello Brain, I forgot to send you my questions after class. My excuses. »

” Thank you. Good for you. + Brain Picture »

10. “High school teachers: Your college teachers won’t be as laid back as I am. My college teacher:”

“Dear students, while I was grading your notebooks and eating seed mix, disaster struck and my seed mix ended up all over your notebooks and on the floor. It may sound weird to say that I miss it. But if any of you have a severe allergy to peanuts and other forms of nuts, contact me so I know you need to completely decontaminate your notebook. Sorry for the inconvenience. »

11. “Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I have to postpone the exam and cancel Tuesday’s class. Best wishes again, I was shot and treated in hospital.”

“I also have the Covid and the divorce is complicated. Class hours are maintained from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday and Wednesday with your teaching assistant. If I’m still alive, the exam will be next Monday. Continue to study your texts and don’t forget to check your identity papers. Good for you.

” Hello everyone. Looks like my last email went viral. I appreciate all the responses back. The injury was not serious and none of my Covid symptoms were serious. The exam is always Monday and it is asynchronous. Unlike my wife, I hope you’re not going to cheat. Good luck ! Good for you. »

12. “Thank you so much for the visit. The drama queen who broke up with Dylan has gone hysterical and is now on the porch with him…God bless him.”

“Sorry, it wasn’t for you, lol. »

” No problem. »

13. “Happy April 20, enjoy this email from my psychology professor”

” Good evening everyone. A friend told me that lately he was unhappy that life was so difficult without him being responsible for it. He realized he just felt victimized and sorry for himself and could decide to see things differently if he wanted to. I recognized these negative emotions, having felt this way myself a few times recently and wondered if any of you had been affected in the same way in the past few days. Sometimes it’s just really hard to see how unlucky we are. With that in mind, I wanted to offer you an observation: I cried because I had no shoes. Until I met a man who didn’t have weed. Good for you. »

14. “American Pluralism: Web Commentary and Final Review”

“Many of you have written to me recently to tell me that your grandmother died last week or that you were going through some other kind of terrible family tragedies, and that you had not had the time to finish this work despite the fact that YOU HAD SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER TO DO IT AND THAT I HAVE REPEATED YOU NOT TO WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO DO IT (great inspiration). It’s crazy how many grandmothers die at this time of year. I brought this up to the Center for Disease Control to look into this trend. Anyway, if any of these stories are true, it breaks my sweet little Irish heart (and who could lie about a grandmother’s death, anyone doing so is definitely EXTREMELY BAD AND WITHOUT MORALS (big inspiration).”

15. “Sir, just to let you know you’re a fdp and I’m sorry you’re bald lol. If you want I can hook you up with a girl who can get your hair back and keep getting your hard on.” “

“Also, I need to ask you for extra time for my work.” I’m completely drunk right now and I’ll be sick tomorrow. Keep making us laugh. I love you, see you Monday. Damn good seoirbdee. »

“Patrick, looks like you had a good evening. I’m going to extend the deadline for your paper to Wednesday, noon. Refer to my syllabus to find out how to send me your work. I appreciate your concern about my bald head. My wife loves it and I don’t get paid enough to have implants. Besides, what were you drinking last night? Next time you write to me, I’d like to have a bottle or some of the stuff you had so I don’t have to remember what you said. Have a good seoirbdee »

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