Top 15 of the best tweets from @librairesecache, the really funny bookseller

If you liked comics when you were a child, you probably still like to read them today and that’s why there are beautiful specialized bookstores with super nice booksellers to advise all these enthusiasts. As in all jobs, it’s not perfect every day and that’s why @librairesecache tells us lots of funny or cute anecdotes on his Twitter account

2. I imagine the incomprehension of the mother seeing her son with this

3. But? people are really weird

4. Oh yes anyway

5. Always a hassle gifts for grandfathers

6. “Mhhh I’m going to check in reserve”

7. They really think it’s stylish

8. People make no effort

9. And why aren’t adults entitled to the stickers?

10. It’s a bit short

11. Always a pleasure

12. The secret was not kept at all

13. But what the hell are these people

14. Dream of a Lifetime

15. Not easy to be heartbroken

It made me want to go buy comics all that…

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