Top 15 of the best tweets about ketchup, this divine sauce

Children’s favorite foods are always the same: pasta, fries, nuggets, chocolate and ketchup. If you have no memories of childhood with ketchup, you surely had a sad childhood with sore parents who made you eat organic stuff (shame). In recent years, ketchup is unloved while it has always been there for us. Here is a top just for him.

1. Rice-volution!

2. Hard to tell

Me: There was a horrible accident at the ketchup factory.

The Samu: Are there people bleeding?

Me: Hey

3. I agree, long live ketchup

4. I’m on my period and my boyfriend just texted me, “How’s my little bag of ketchup?”

5. If you think there is a perfect education, know that I am a pediatrician and my child eats strawberries dipped in ketchup for dinner

6. You have to know the limits, NO ketchup mayo in the kebabs

7. My child asked me to check-up his nuggets. I gave them all a medical before realizing he wanted ketchup.

8. For Halloween, I sat outside my house and squirted ketchup straight into the bags of kids asking for candy, waiting to see who called the police.

9. It’s way too hard to open too

10. I respect everyone’s tastes but there’s no way I’m teaching my son to put ketchup in his scrambled eggs

11. Why are ketchup packets so small? I need at least 10 just for one serving of fries. Why don’t they make huge bags?

12. It quickly escalated

Living with a roommate, first month: I bought us a new carpet and plants, no need to pay me, it’s for everyone.

After six months: Can you wire me 37 cents for using my ketchup?

13. It’s unfortunately true… although it’s very good

14. The first squirt of ketchup can ruin your meal (yucky liquid ketchup yuck)

15. Do you realize that young people are unable to ask for ketchup but can fight for their rights? I love

Be nice to ketchup, it’s your friend!