Top 15 Hacks That Look Fake But Are True

My grandma always said “Did you pee the bed again?????? (I was 3 years old, don’t judge me). So yes, this beautiful and moving quote that only my grandmother was capable of has nothing to do with the top of the day. However, I think that if she had had life-hacks to take care of children, she would surely have been less tense and her sentence could have been much more cheerful, like “Wow too cute! “. Nothing to do with wetting the bed, but suddenly we found lots of tricks that seem a bit crappy but actually work for real!

1. How to make your faucet look like new?

Do you have a disgusting faucet because you haven’t cleaned it in 10 years? It’s very simple, just take a plastic bag in which you put a little vinegar. You tie the bag around the faucet with a rubber band and let it sit for a few hours. Hop, no more rust, everything is like new! Afterwards, if the faucet is in a state of decomposition, you can also simply replace it, huh.

2. Want to remove the marker on your head?

Do you have friends who are big dorks and who took advantage of your sleep to write various nonsense and dicks on your forehead? Our first life-hack is changing friends, we did that when we were 12 Dimitri. The second is to take nail polish remover which makes it easy to erase the marker on your skin. Good after, avoid putting 3 layers, it’s still not the healthiest thing for your body. We will not be held responsible for your skin loss.

3. Tired of crying when you cut an onion?

You want to impress your date by making him a beautiful gratin of onions but you are afraid of looking ridiculous by crying all the tears of your body when you go to cut them? You just have to put the onions in the fridge for 10 minutes, and you will no longer have eyes that tear up in a ridiculous way in front of your conquests. I tested, it’s very practical, except that now when you cry you won’t be able to say “no, don’t worry, it’s onions hehe”. It’s up to you to bear the consequences. If this trick does not suit you, we have all the tips for not crying while peeling an onion.

4. No more traces of deodorant on your t-shirts!

Do your t-shirts suffer from traces of deodorant in the armpits? It’s very simple, just put make-up remover on the T-shirt, which will remove the traces. Afterwards, the traces are still sincerely very reluctant, so you can possibly change your deodorant, even your t-shirt, even your armpits, so as not to have any more problems in the future.

5. How not to choke in one step

You’re drinking a little mojito on the terrace (we know that’s not possible, but we like to turn the knife in the wound). Suddenly, a Topito video pops up in your Facebook news feed and you start watching it. You laugh so much that a small stream of mojito goes down the wrong pipe and you start coughing. You can raise both arms in the air, this will open your airways and allow you to catch your breath while letting the end of the mojito descend into your system. No wasted mojito, and no choking, too good!

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true

6. Tip to counter splinters

It’s summer, the opportunity to walk barefoot on wooden terraces (when you have a wooden terrace)(when you like to walk barefoot)(when you’re me). But, it’s also an opportunity to take a lot of splinters in the foot that hurt a lot. The trick is to take a banana peel and wrap it around the foot on the wet side, which will usually bring out the splinter on its own. We don’t really know why, but here is their kryptonite: banana peels.

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true

7. This one, I couldn’t test it sorry

People with a penis, I’m talking to you. If an erection that is too bothersome occurs at an inauspicious time, such as a job interview or a funeral, for example, you can contract one of the muscles in your body in order to concentrate your blood in that part of the body. and to pass the erection. So, yes, you might look silly flexing your biceps in front of your potential employer, but it’s still better than an erection. And, if it still doesn’t work, you can try imagining Eric Zemmour naked.

8. Get rid of underarm odor in a second

Do you have armpits that don’t smell like roses and you don’t have a shower on hand? No worries, you can apply antibacterial gel to control odors. It will kill bacteria slowly which will have the effect of driving out odors. In times of a pandemic, it’s very practical, everyone always walks around with their little personalized antibacterial gel. So it’s been tested and approved. No, you will no longer have armpit odor. But, you won’t have armpits either. Pretty radical.

9. If you get attacked by a dog…

You are leisurely strolling through town when you encounter a ferocious, terrifying dog, which rushes towards you to attack you. The first solution that I recommend is to run very quickly in the opposite direction of this dog. Unfortunately, according to experts, this is not the right one. The second solution is to put yourself in a safe lateral position and start crying very loudly. Unfortunately, according to experts, that’s not good either.

This brings us to the third solution. Offer this dog your forearm as a sacrifice. When he bites you, don’t try to pull, rather push TOWARDS the bite. This will spread its jaws apart and prevent it from biting further. Then, when he releases you, you grab him by the back of the neck and high-kick him. No but seriously, who did he think he was?

Editor’s note: The method does not work if it is a lion in front of you

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true

10. In case a CPE passes by…

There’s not a huge chance you’ll end up with a table full of sticky gum, unless your kids are really brats or you’re a college CPE. However, if this happens to you, denatured alcohol works great for removing those chewing gums from hell.

Little tip: you can also take the opportunity to pour denatured alcohol in the eyes of the brat who did this, just to teach him a good lesson.

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true
Picture credits: Topito

11. Restore your jewelry in 2 seconds flat

It may be that sometimes, for random circumstances (cheating, mainly) married people find themselves having to take off their wedding rings for a little while. If, when you put it back on, your wedding ring is dirty, don’t panic! You can clean it with dishwashing liquid, which cleans very well and will not harm the metals. Other cleaning products could indeed destroy your alliance because they are too aggressive, and it would become infinitely more difficult to lie to your partner about why you no longer have an alliance.

12. If you’re too hot (Northerners don’t have to read this point)

It’s summer, in a big heat wave, you feel like you’re going to die of heat and can’t cool off. Pass your wrists under cold water (or an ice cube, it also works), the heat disappears instantly to give way to a morning freshness. On the other hand, during this ceremony of the cold, we ask you to have a little thought of homage to the Northerners who will never have the opportunity to taste this pleasure, since it is cold 365 days/365, there- low.

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true

13. Get out, shitty pollen!

Pollen season is coming, a good time that will remind you every day how badly you want to die. The pollen clings to your hair all day, and when you go to sleep at night, settles on your pillow to give you the worst night of your life (on the scale of horror, we are on the same level than spending the night watching the Tuches). By going to sleep with wet hair, less chance of having pollen in your mouth all night, it’s very practical! But also much more likely to catch pneumonia and die. Choose your fighter.

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true

14. Get out, shitty mosquitoes!!!

Here is even crazier than pollen, even crazier than Jean Castex who adds measures to the curfew, even crazier than your drunk ex at 4 a.m.: MOSQUITOES. The ultimate solution, if you have a mosquito bite, is to heat the back of a spoon with hot water and let it sit on your bite until it is no longer hot. The sting no longer scratches, and the pimple has almost disappeared. On the other hand, we don’t have a solution for the awful noise of mosquitoes hovering around you all night.

top 15 hacks that look fake but are true

15. The ultimate way to see yourself naked

If you don’t want fog in your bathroom, shaving cream is quite effective. Just put a diaper on the mirror, let it dry and then rinse it off, and you’ll never have foggy again and can continue to get naked out of the shower every day of your life! We take no responsibility for the shocks suffered by seeing you naked for the first time in 12 years, however.

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