Top 13 things you might not know when shooting legendary series

You might think you know everything about your favorite shows, but know that there are always new things to learn about them. The proof, we give you new information on mythical tv shows. Little secrets that you can bring out to your friends to tell you. You will tell us if you already knew all that.

1. For Mad Men, Jon Hamm had to shave up to three times per day of filming

Whoever played Don Draper had to have a very clean look all the time that involved having clean shaven cheeks. The problem was, Jon Hamm’s beard was growing back too quickly, so he had to pull the razor out two or three times a day. We hope he had a good moisturizer, because it must hurt a lot in the long run.

2. The kids on the sofa in How I Met Your Mother knew the end of the story from the first season

In fact, all of their scenes where the older Ted Mosby talks to them were shot in the first season, a story that kids don’t grow up on screen over the years. Suddenly, they already knew that Tracy was their mother and that she was going to die, and had to keep it a secret for 9 years. It must not be easy to hold his tongue for so long.

3. The Walking Dead actors made dinners for every death of a character

Whenever one of the actors left the show because their character had been killed onscreen, the cast would have a “death dinner”, usually a little campfire night to play together and to have fun, or a karaoke night. Rather nice as a tradition.

4. The Olsen sisters were almost kicked out of La Fête à la Maison

The twins spent their time crying at the start of the series, which made the shoot super boring and tiring for the other actors. So the producers had tried to shoot with other kids, but the result sucked, so they brought the Olsens back. Like what it plays with not much celebrity.

5. Prince didn’t want the Kardashians in the episode of New Girl where he played his own role

Prince was a big fan of New Girl, so he contacted the producers to do an episode that took place at his home, in a party he was organizing. The producers had booked other stars to play Prince’s party guests, including Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner. But Prince didn’t like the Kardashians, and one of his staff asked the show’s producers to get rid of the two unwanted guys. If Prince could not blast this family, it may be because Kim Kardashian had remained planted on stage without moving when Prince invited her to come dance during one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden. We put the video on you, because it’s very funny to see Kim K. get kicked off the stage like a mess.

6. In Gilmore Girls, we hunted for bidous

The show was set in Connecticut, where it’s usually chilly, so the directors didn’t want the characters to appear scantily dressed. Except that at the time, the fashion was crop-tops and low-rise jeans that let the stomach show well. The actresses therefore had to pull on their t-shirts before each scene, and, if a piece of skin was seen, the scene had to be shot again. It makes you wonder if they didn’t have designers on this team.

7. The Wire sofa had to be redone identically

In the series, we often see a yucky orange sofa that is present from the pilot. It was an old, abandoned sofa that had been salvaged for free. However, between the shooting of the pilot and the rest of the series, the sofa had been thrown away, so we had to redo an identical one. Except that this new sofa, a replica of an old free thing, cost $ 5,000 to manufacture. Maybe they should have waited a bit before swinging the other.

8. Originally, Chandler and Phoebe weren’t supposed to be Friends.

They had to be characters of Friends, but not part of the real band of friends. The series was to be centered only on Rachel, Ross, Monica and Joey. Phoebe and Chandler were only supposed to appear every now and then, like friends coming over to say hi. Fortunately, the producers have changed their minds.

9. Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz ate yucky stuff before kissing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The two actors got along really well and enjoyed making bad jokes, including eating stuff that smells strong, like tuna or pickles, before a kiss scene. After, kissing these two actors, even with pickles in the mouth, we accept.

10. Alexandra Lamy screwed up her first casting for A Guy, A Girl

She explained that she had really sucked and that she had not been selected at the start. But, feeling that she could do better than that, she returned there the next day to show what she knew how to do, something normally unthinkable: when you miss a casting, you don’t really have a second chance. And it worked, but you already knew that.

11. In Plus Belle La Vie we sometimes shoot several variations of an episode to stick to the news

This was particularly the case for the presidential elections of 2007, where the actors had to play an episode for the victory of Ségolène Royale, and another for the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy. The second was therefore kept and the first ended up in the trash.

12. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul really learned how to brew meth in Breaking Bad

The Drug Enforcement Administration (or DEA, for those who have no time to waste), or the drug brigade in the United States, has agreed to give a real meth preparation course to the two main actors of the series to that they are more believable on screen. So they really knew how to cook it.

13. Annabelle Wallis sings a song from her ancestor in Peaky Blinders

The interpreter of Grace Burgess (who will become Grace Shelby) was to sing a song in the series. The film crews gave her a title of singer Marie Lloyd to sing along to. What they didn’t know was that Marie Lloyd was none other than an ancestor of Annabelle Wallis. The coincidence troubled the actress quite a bit at the time.

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