Chickenpox, a mild disease that makes you look like a calculator, is caught by 9 out of 10 children. Suffice to say that there is nothing more common. If it is not serious, except in extreme cases, there are still some things to know about it.

2. It’s rarer to catch it as an adult

Because generally, it’s hot to escape it when you’re a child. But if we catch him as an adult, we have to be careful. In men, it can make you sterile, and in pregnant women, it can have very serious consequences for the fetus.

3. Pimples have multiple phases

First, they are small red pimples, like mosquito pimples, then a small vesicle appears, filled with liquid, finally the pimples dry up, and eventually fade. It is in the last phase that it is important not to scratch, at the risk of having scars that will not be able to leave.

top 12 things to know about chickenpox

4. Total healing takes a bit long

If we count the incubation period, which lasts about 13 or 14 days, then the phase from the eruption until the disappearance of the pimples which also lasts 10 to 15 days, there is almost a month of illness. It’s been quite a while. Especially when you know that chickenpox is contagious until the scabs completely disappear.

5. The first symptoms are quite discreet

A runny nose, a slight fever, a grumpy baby, a little loss of appetite. Nothing much different from usual, compared to a simple cold! Then come the first buttons, and there, the doubt is immediately lifted.

6. Chickenpox is not the same in all children.

A baby can have 3 billion pimples, and pass on chickenpox to another child, who will only have about ten blisters… It all depends on the child, and his reaction to the disease. One has a little high fever, and the other not at all. It depends !

7. There are tips against the urge to scratch

Like oat milk, creams in pharmacies, but also drugs available only on prescription, if ever it really itches too much.

8. There is little chance of missing out

If your baby is in the community or at school and a case of chickenpox is declared, you can be sure that all the children who have not had it will soon find themselves with pimples everywhere.

9. Better to have it in winter

Because it’s easier to wear long-sleeved clothes in winter than in summer. The more the skin is covered, the less the child will be able to scratch and risk infecting his pimples which can leave scars.

top 12 things to know about chickenpox

10. You can only have it once

That’s the positive point of the disease: once you’ve had it, it’s good, you’re calm. It seems that in some cases, the disease can appear again, but it is very rare. The body has normally made all the necessary antibodies to be able to fight off the virus if it appears a second time.

11. There is a vaccine

Which can be administered within 3 days of contact with an infected child. But this vaccine is mainly for immunocompromised children, for whom chickenpox could be fatal.

12. Be careful not to develop infections

By cutting the infected child’s nails very short, by thoroughly disinfecting each pimple, by washing the child’s hands and his own well before touching the blisters… An infected chickenpox pimple can be very dangerous.

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