Top 12 Things That Happen In Every Episode Of Boss Incognito

If you’re the type to spend your life on M6 secretly watching Married at First Sight, An almost perfect dinner Where Shopping Queensthen surely you have also already lost a few hours of your life in front of Boss Incognito. We’re talking about this outrageous show where CEOs dress up to spy on their employees to see if they’re doing well or not (basically). It’s all the magic of capitalism, but it’s above all a pattern that repeats itself from episode to episode, with almost always the same events. When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But you still keep watching, because you have to admit it’s funny.

2. We make a rotten makeover of the boss with a fake mustache

It starts with hair bleaching, colored contact lenses, and, EVERY TIME, we stick a FAKE MUSTACHE on the boss’s face. It is a compulsory passage supposed to make all the difference. In the end, we end up with a guy dressed up anyhow, who wears a fake mustache, but who still looks like the boss. Frankly, one wonders how the employees do not to grill it directly.

top 12 things that happen in every episode of boss incognito
Picture credits: M6

3. The boss discovers that the gear his employees work with is rotten

As soon as he leaves for immersion, the boss notices that his employees are working with broken machines, worn out tools or rotten premises. But instead of telling himself that he was the one who did his job badly, he blames it on his employees who, according to him, should have reported the information to management earlier. While we all know that in reality, in companies, employees spend their time reporting this kind of information. Hypocrite?? No never.

top 12 things that happen in every episode of boss incognito
Picture credits: M6

4. The boss finds that the employees do not follow all the instructions

Suddenly, that makes him angry, but he doesn’t realize that in fact they don’t have time at all to follow all the instructions. The real solution would be to hire more people, but that’s expensive, you know… When capitalism goes too far, that’s what happens.

5. The boss admires an employee’s work (but still criticizes)

“Ah yes Géraldine, she is super organized, efficient, loyal, in a good mood, human… but hey, she put 20 grams of lettuce in the burger she had to prepare when normally it’s 17 grams so there are things to review “

Apparently, when you’re the boss, you always have to find at least one small criticism for everyone to show how the boss feels.

6. There is a moment of extreme tension where you think he will be recognized but phew everything ends up being settled

It’s often a costume or wig problem that breaks the face, so the show’s stylist is sent to fix the problem urgently while a journalist distracts the employee by interviewing him. Rarely have we seen so much suspense since Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films.

top 12 things that happen in every episode of boss incognito

7. During the lunch break, the boss asks 1000 questions to the employee who takes care of him

As a reminder, the guy is supposed to pretend to be an intern, but he puts the employee through a big police questioning: “So how long have you been working there? And do you like your business? And do you have family? And like your boss he is nice ??? And what do you see yourself doing later? Wouldn’t you be interested in becoming a manager or training in logistics? » NO ONE does that in real life. It’s just weird there.

top 12 things that happen in every episode of boss incognito
Picture credits: M6

8. The employee goes wild on the boss without knowing that he is right in front of him

This is probably the most perverse side of the show: it happens that the employees, believing they can trust the little trainee, let go and throw a good crap on their company or their boss. WHAT A MISTAKE. Without knowing it, they have just shot down their boss when he is right there in front of their eyes. Suddenly, the boss is venerated, but he does nothing and waits impatiently for the hour of the revelation to settle his accounts. The poor employees, if they had known…

9. At the time of the reveal, the boss is jubilant

” So ? You recognize me ? Eh ? But yes, imagine me with an old wig and a hat! HEY YES I’M THE CEO, SO WE DO LESS SMART HUH??? »

Frankly, we are hardly caricaturing.

top 12 things that happen in every episode of boss incognito
Picture credits: M6

10. The boss offers an employee a promotion.

Well, the guy, he displayed them in front of all of France, so he can make an effort and give someone a promotion or a raise, it’s the least we can do. By doing this, he also gives himself a nice gift: a little cheap communication. It’s win win. Come on Corinne, you become head of department, you have well deserved it. What ? Was there already Jean-Claude in that position? Well, that’s okay, we’ll push him towards the Jean-Claude exit, he was getting old anyway.

11. The boss gives an employee a lousy trick.

There’s always someone who gets bullied and doesn’t get a raise or a promotion. Suddenly, he wins a day of training, or a bad gift like socks. It’s a total loss for him.

top 12 things that happen in every episode of boss incognito


Picture credits: M6

12. We have a little review in “What happened to them?”

“Brigitte left the company two months later following a nervous breakdown”

“Jérôme was fired for shitting in the fryer”

“Samuel dropped everything to open a souvenir shop in Toulon”

What kind of stuff.

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