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Sorting is great. It allows you to get rid of things you no longer use and to make room around you (and in your head too apparently, but I have a little trouble visualizing how donating books to Emmaüs can make you lose neurons, but anyway good). Me, for example, I sorted through my collection of baby teeth and since then I have been able to add my cat’s teeth to my collection. I was delighted. So here are our best tips for sorting out your closet and thus making your dressing room practical, because we received a message from your roommate who can’t take it anymore to hear you ask yourself what you’re going to be able to wear this morning. .

1. Get everything out of your closet

This is the first step to sorting out the year in your closet. So take it easy and take out everything you have in your closets, even your pajamas, socks and bags. Your overweight shelves will thank you. But be careful, do not screw everything up in a ball on your bed, otherwise you will find yourself in a hell of a sauce to sort efficiently. Make piles by categories, like pants, jeans, t-shirts, shirts, etc.

2. Take inventory and set limits

Count how many coins you have in each category. It is by realizing that we have 56 shirts that we realize that it may be a bit much for someone who works remotely all week. Establish a limit on the number of pieces to keep so that you don’t have to repeat this sorting every six months.

3. Think about your style and your needs

Before you start sorting out, ask yourself what style you want to flaunt, what types of clothes you feel most comfortable wearing on the streets, at work, and what fits your lifestyle best. current. This will allow you later, for example, to easily put aside your domed Wati B cap which no longer has anything to do with your bohemian-rock style.

4. Create two categories, one for winter clothes and the other for summer clothes

It can be a bit difficult to sort through stuff you’re currently wearing, like almost as much as having kidney colic I think, so start sorting out the opposite season first. Once done, store it at the bottom of your wardrobe to leave the current season more within reach of your little hands. If you have winter clothes reserved for skiing, for example, put them in neat boxes in the basement or under your bed, since you won’t need them every four mornings (unless you live in Montreal) .

5. Try on every item of clothing

Ok, we’re on an extremely boring task, but it’s for your own good that we’re doing this. By trying on your clothes one by one, you will already be able to see which ones are too damaged to be worn again, but also realize which ones have become too big or too small, or which no longer fit your current clothes. A good way to start sorting your clothes between what you want to keep, what you want to give away and what you need to recycle (because yes, normally quality clothes can be recycled and as a good citizen of the planet, you will do it).

6. Identify basics

In your dressing room, you necessarily have timeless outfits, plain clothes with all-purpose cuts. If they are undamaged and still fit, keep a few of these basics that you will always use to create an outfit. Good after, no need to keep four white shirts huh, we’re here to sort, not to build the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw.

7. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in over a year

There you are, in front of your mirror with these black capri pants and you turn, you turn around, unable to know if you should wear it or keep it just in case, because it cost you a ball anyway. era. Ask yourself the right questions: have you worn this item of clothing in the past year? Does it still match your current style and lifestyle? Are you looking forward to wearing it? Would you like to have your picture taken with it? Does it have a sentimental value of phew? If you answered no to many of these questions, then you can definitely dump it. Bye bye little cropped pants, have a nice trip.

8. Don’t keep clothes you could put back “If…”

We know the technique of “But if, that I could put it if I buy fluid green pants” or “Here, and if I kept it to chill or play sports at home? “. And then you find yourself with Garfield and Jonas Brothers t-shirts from when you entered college in your wardrobe that you will of course never take out. Better to take the evil by the collar right away. You don’t need 15 clothes to hang out at home, so stick to the bare essentials: clothes you feel really comfortable in. As for the others, if you can only wear them on certain occasions (except evening wear, at the limit), it is better to part with them. It’s hard, but that’s how it is, they’ll be better off somewhere else, believe me.

9. Respect the numerical rules 36 pieces per season and 3 possible combinations

To be sure to do a real sorting through your belongings, check that your wardrobe respects the following rules (otherwise, we give it three hours of direct glue): 36 pieces per season, i.e. no more than 36 items of clothing, without accessories and coats, for summer and the same for winter; be able to make three to four possible outfit combinations with each item of clothing. If any of these rules are broken, you know what you have to do: keep sorting (and really this time, I’m watching you).

10. Use the reverse hanger technique

Once you have established your pile of clothes to keep, put it away in your closet and do a small check-up again in a few months to see if you were able to wear the clothes you kept (depending on the season of course). , we’re not going to make you wear a turtleneck in 30°C). If this is not the case, you can remove them from your wardrobe, you will not put them, you have to resign yourself. Let them go for good…

11. Make yourself a lookbook

So that you don’t run out of ideas in the morning and think that you have nothing to wear (and especially leave clothes sleeping in your closet, I promise it’s ok, they’re not that tired), make yourself a notebook or a photo album in your phone with your multiple possible clothing combinations. Better, you can even benefit from the help of dedicated apps like Whering that help you see which clothes can go well together and save your favorite combinations. Oh yeah that’s smart.

12. Properly store your clothes in your closets

Well, now that you’ve done most of the work, all you have to do is put it all away in your cupboards. Yes but not just any how unhappy! Because we know them the batteries that break the mouth and the clothes stashed in the depths of the wardrobe that we zap. Take inspiration from folding tutorials available everywhere on Instagram that will allow you to see all your clothes correctly and keep them separated in the categories that you had established at the beginning. If with that you don’t start a love affair with your wardrobe, frankly I don’t get it.

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