Top 12 mistakes we all make with water, this liquid full of mysteries

Water is a complex matter, when it is cold it freezes, when it is hot it boils or it evaporates, when it remains too long stagnant it stinks and when you piss in it it becomes colored. We who are largely composed of water we also consume a lot, which does not prevent us from sometimes making beautiful mistakes that we suggest you review in order to stop making them to respect yourself a little more yourself .

1. Use hot water for cooking

If you need hot water for your pasta or to cook anything that needs hot water, boil it while avoiding making a mistake with your kettle. Because hot tap water can be more loaded with lead (present in your pipes) and the high temperature can dissolve it more quickly.

2. Boil water in a plastic kettle

If plastic is a good thing and fish are crazy about it, boiling water in a plastic kettle is usually a bad idea, with the temperature of the wrong molecules (bisphenol A and phthalates) can break down. loosen and mix with the water. Take a good old stainless steel kettle, it’s more expensive but better (logical).

3. Keeping ice cubes too long

Don’t panic, you won’t risk dying, unless you’ve made gasoline ice cubes, but then you’re in the wrong place. The problem when you leave your ice cubes in the freezer for too long is that they risk taking on the taste of other foods, such as shrimp, which goes average in a Mojito. Do not hesitate to relaunch a tour at the beginning of the summer by throwing your old ice cubes on your neighbors.

top 12 mistakes we all make with water, this liquid full of mysteries

4. Drink from a water bottle that has been open for two days

This is the time it takes for microorganisms to develop in a bottle after opening it and trust me, you don’t want to drink microorganisms. The same if you have a carafe, do not leave it in the open air but in the fridge always corked. And be careful not to make mistakes with your fridge too, it can quickly become serious.

5. Drink tap water after a long absence

If you are coming back from vacation or weekend, do not hesitate to run the water for a while to get rid of the stagnant water that could have germs or those kind of delicacies. Be careful, we care about you anyway.

7. Drink from the bottle

Do you know what we find in our mouths? Bacteria. So you can imagine that each time we drink from the bottle we put these bacteria on the neck and that over time (if we leave the bottle at room temperature) they can proliferate this crap. Use a glass of water.

8. Do not wash your water bottle

Using a gourd is a great idea, it avoids the waste of single-use plastic, it prevents drinking water with plastic particles but you still have to wash it to prevent germs from growing there (ideally you should do it every evening with washing-up liquid). A good indicator to know when to wash your bottle: if it stinks of the mouth.

9. Reuse a plastic bottle

These bottles are not made to be reused, it is better to take a gourd. Over time, the plastic molecules will detach from the bottle and mix with the water, even if it is cold or at room temperature. The effect is obviously increased tenfold if you put hot water in it, but also if you add citrus fruits such as lemon juice.

top 12 mistakes we all make with water, this liquid full of mysteries

10. Drink water left in the open air

If, like me, you happen to drink a glass of water that you have left overnight on a table or drink in a puddle that you pass in the street, stop doing it right away. It takes about half an hour for the water left in the open air to become worse, while the dust settles there. If you leave it on longer you risk drinking germs and bacteria once again.

11. Leave water in your kettle

If you were going to make yourself some tea by heating the water that was left in your kettle, you can abandon this idea right away. Either it can be full of lime or it can also be full of bacteria. It is best to empty your kettle each time you use it and refill it when you are going to use it.

12. Use a filter jug ​​for all water

If in the idea the filter jugs seem to be good compromises for drinking tap water, they remain quite questionable for the National Health Security Agency. Basically they remove some particles from the water but also the good ones like magnesium and calcium. Not to mention the fact that if you don’t clean them regularly they become bacteria bottles. Choose a good beer.

top 12 mistakes we all make with water, this liquid full of mysteries

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