Top 12 mistakes not to make with your car, to drive until infinity

Having a car is the best thing in the world, it’s a bit like being at home but everywhere. Well, after that it costs a ball to maintain, it pollutes, it’s misery to park, you even have to pay when you don’t use it to park in certain areas and there are cities like Paris where people park so no matter how that your car can have an accident while you are not in it. But other than that it’s cool. However, we quickly overlooked some errors with our more or less unknown car and we invite you to discover them.

1. Never check tire pressure

It may seem silly said like that since we are harped on a bit during the license, but the tire pressure is to be checked very often, even (especially) if you have not used your vehicle for several days. Poor grip, uneven wear, and tire blowouts await you if you don’t.

2. Do not worry if you see a little rust on the body

Assume that if you see a tiny bit of rust on one part of your car’s body, it’s probably worse underneath or it could get worse quickly. Do not overlook this detail if you see it and take your car to a professional, not a friend who thinks he knows it because he looked Fast and Furious.

3. Drive on fuel reserve all the time

The electric pump in your tank is made so that it stays at a fairly low temperature thanks to the fuel. Except that if your tank is always almost empty, the pump can heat up more often and wear out much faster. In addition, the pump can become clogged due to debris at the bottom of your tank and as a result, you will have understood that it can deteriorate even faster.

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4. Not checking the engine oil level

Again, this may seem pretty basic, like tire pressure, but many people wait for a red light to come on to alert them to the fact that there is not enough engine oil. But in reality you’re supposed to look at it quite often, the handling is quite simple too, and a bad oil level can be very serious. Don’t play dumb and your car will reward you, after all you prefer your car to your kid for a reason, show him.

5. Never wash it

We can say to ourselves that it’s boring and that “it’s fine, it’s not that dirty” but in reality washing your car from time to time is important. The idea is not to do it every week either, but it can avoid clogging up your wheels and your windshield from ending up with a kind of greasy layer that masks your visibility. A great thing to do when returning from a long road trip.

6. Putting the driver’s seat too far back

If you have the habit of putting the back of your seat back while driving, you may not know (or you don’t care) that it is likely to take you longer to reach certain controls in your vehicle than if you it was placed normally (straight therefore). Between the steering wheel, the headlight or wiper controls, you are subject to a longer reaction time if you have to perform one of these actions quickly.

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7. Leaving unnecessary stuff in your trunk

If you remember your driving lessons you probably remember the correct distribution of loads in your car. Using your vehicle as furniture storage, storage or dressing room is a bad idea, already because of this notion of weight distribution and faster tire wear, but also because these objects can block your visibility or move in a way unpredictable if you brake suddenly or have an accident.

8. Never change your car’s filters

If you live in a very dusty place you should change your air filter approximately every 20,000 km, 30 or 40,000 km maximum for other people. Your oil filter should be changed at most every 15,000 km and for the fuel filter it is between 20 and 40,000 km, and before you start fiddling all three filters are important.

9. Start with a bang when it’s cold

Unless you’re in a horror movie, starting your car and accelerating it to 110km/h in ten seconds from start-up is a bad idea. Your engine needs to warm up when it’s cold or it’s snowed. You don’t necessarily have to start and wait a minute before driving, but you can drive slowly until it warms up a bit. If you accelerate too much, your engine will compensate with greater fuel consumption and potentially break down.

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10. Defrost your windshield with hot water

You might think it’s a good idea to spill a cup of hot water on the windshield to defrost it faster, but no, it can actually crack your windshield from heat shock. If you opt for this technique you can at the limit use lukewarm water, but the best solution is to scrape it with the squeegee provided for this purpose.

11. Not starting your car for too long

If you only use your vehicle infrequently, it is always tempting to leave it parked in a good place and wait for the day when you really need it to restart it. The thing is, your battery may have run down in the meantime. If you haven’t started for nearly a month, you can take a short five-minute ride (even if it’s not much) to recharge it once, to re-inflate your tires for example.

12. Driving with your foot on the clutch

I don’t judge, I do it completely. Keeping your foot on the clutch pedal wears it out more quickly. Even if you think you’re not really pressing your foot on the pedal, it can damage the record. If you press the pedal when you are stationary (waiting at the traffic light for example) you also risk damaging it. Switch to neutral, you will see that your life will be better.

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