Top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

In everyday life the conspirators break them quite a bit. In fiction, it’s quite another thing and many cult films immerse us in great stories and stir up the fantasies of budding conspiracy theorists. We’re not saying it’s their fault, we’re just saying sometimes conspiracy theorists have good taste because they’re pretty cool movies.

1. Matrix, by Wachovski

This is obviously the conspiracy film par excellence. Several elements of the film such as the white rabbit, the blue pill and the red pill are regularly taken up in the vocabulary of the complosphere. It must be said that the story of the film which reappropriates the allegory of Plato’s cave is a godsend for any self-respecting conspirator: machines control us, the truth is hidden from us, only an enlightened look can come out from the cave. It is certain that in Les Bronzés, we are less focused on this kind of existential questions.

top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

2. X-Files, by Rob S. Bowman

Whether we’re talking about the Chris Carte series or the movie, The X-Files is a compilation, what am I saying, an encyclopedia of all conspiracy theories and naturally excite all fantasies. With a slogan such as “The truth is elsewhere”, we can not put our feet in the dish of conspiracy. Can we hold her responsible? Obviously not. Above all, it allows you to learn about the conspiracy theories that animate the contemporary world.

top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

3. JFK, by Oliver Stone

Inevitably we cannot miss this film since it is also based on one of the greatest conspiracy theories of the 20th century: the questioning of the assassination of Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Nothing like attracting a slew of conspiracy theorists.

top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

4. V for Vendetta, by James McTeigue

A real ode to the plotters through the Guy Fawkes mask that has become a symbol of the Anonymous movement. It enters the pantheon of films that have changed the world, neither more nor less. Not surprising that the screenplay is signed by the Wachovskis.

The comic strip “V for Vendetta”, which has long inspired protest movements, in particular the yellow vests, is now hijacked by the antivax group V_V?

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5. Series V, by Kenneth Johnson

Little Martians who land on earth in human form say they want to come in peace. They therefore settle with us pépouze while offering to share their knowledge in exchange for some local products (kind of sausage with walnuts). Except that in fact they are big mythos since they suck all the water from the earth these big jackals. And what’s more, it’s not even humans (nor jackals) but lizards, or rather… reptilians. Do you see it coming big as a conspiracy theory house?

6. Enemy of the State, by Tony Scott

Obviously the films in which we find state conspiracies also find their place in this top, and in the genre State enemy is an essential work. Will Smith camps a lawyer there who finds himself by chance holder of a tape in which we discover that a political opponent has been assassinated. The NSA puts him through hell until a super hacker and former agency employee comes to his aid. A great story of surveillance in a society where new technologies reign supreme.

7. Los Angeles Invasion, by John Carpenter

Imagine a world dominated by aliens who look like humans? Imagine that a pair of glasses could reveal to you the true face of these extraterrestrials and the subliminal messages that they instil in you through advertising? This is the pitch of this ultra cult film, an anti-capitalist symbol par excellence. It was enough for some anti-Semitic conspirators to see in these strange beings who rule the world the fulfillment of an anti-Semitic fantasy according to which the Jews would rule the world. John Carpenter of course defended himself about these delusions.

8. 1984, Michael Radford

“Big brother is watching you” wouldn’t it be one of the conspiracy theorists’ favorite phrases? Indeed, in the same way that the novels of Philip K. Dick are adulated by the complosphere (they have good taste that said, these novels are brilliant), Georges Orwell is also quoted wrongly and through and even more since the pandemic, to denounce health restrictions…

top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

9. Men in Black, by Barry Sonnenfeld

It must be said that the film is based purely and simply on a conspiracy theory according to which men in black would be agents whose role is to prevent humans from discovering the existence of extraterrestrials. A theory developed by ufologists a little perched and which had everything to seduce the screenwriters.

10. The Truman Show, by Peter Weir

The fear of being watched everywhere and by everyone really exists and as this Slate article explains, we find more and more people who think they are at the center of a conspiracy in the same way as Truman to such an extent that we could talk about a Truman syndrome.

top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

11. Eyes Wide Shut, by Stanley Kubrick

An unfinished film by good old Stanley, it tells the story of a New York couple whose husband (Tom Cruise) finds himself during nocturnal wanderings to attend a secret occult ceremony. Many conspirators see a lot of disturbing hidden details in this film (notably the fact that the main character is called Bill, like “ticket” like “money” like “illuminati”, yeah well I didn’t understand the process if he there are conspirators in the room light my blinded slave lantern).

top 12 conspiratorial favorite movies

12. (Bonus) The “documentary” Hold-up, by Pierre Barnérias

What could be better than a documentary that tells nonsense to seduce people who want to believe anything?

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