Top 11 things to know about your birth chart (it’s not my fault, I have Mars in Aries)

Hello my little stars! I hope you are doing well, well there is no reason why it should not be because Mercury is not in retrograde. Today, we are going to talk about a (mega) serious subject: the astral chart, because we noticed that you were a bit fan of astrology (don’t hide, we know that you have all looked at your horoscope for 2022 , gang of tricksters). So so that you can understand everything about this somewhat complex and not always super clear thing, I did a Teams with Christine Haas who taught me everything. On the way to dissect the astral theme.

1. You can’t make it up

You might think that people are laughing our heads off when they tell you about the Ascendant and the Moon in Sagittarius, but nay my friend, they just looked at their horoscope on dedicated sites. The birth chart is a kind of sky chart that represents the position of different planets (among others) at the time you were born. By looking at their meaning, their placements and how they interact with each other, one can have a nice glimpse of the character, the qualities and the faults, the way of acting and thinking and the motivations of each one. Not as faithful as the quiz which shower gel are you from Topito, but hey …

top 11 things to know about your birth chart (it's not my fault, i have mars in aries)

This is mine, bg right?

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2. You have to be very precise

The birth chart is not lol. To do this properly, you have to know your place, date and precise time of birth. And yes because within a minute or two or in another city, a planet can change its sign and will no longer mean the same thing about you. Each birth chart is therefore different. It’s like the sanitary pass, it’s hot to steal a neighbor’s pass.

top 11 things to know about your birth chart (it's not my fault, i have mars in aries)

Like there for example, within a few minutes, I could have had Saturn (the red thing) in Aries instead of having Saturn in Taurus, and that has NOTHING TO SEE!

Photo credits: AstroTheme

3. The composition seems incomprehensible but in real life it’s fine, it’s just complete

An astral chart is made up of the twelve signs of the zodiac represented by symbols (Aries, Taurus, Gemini…), of eight planets of the solar system, the Sun and the Moon represented by the signs just below, of twelve houses numbered with 1 to 12, from four angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Sky background) and finally from aspects (all the lines in the center of the circle, but don’t worry my little blood, I will talk about it again).

4. Each planet means something different to you

To interpret your astral chart, you have to look in which sign is each planet. You can see this by looking at which astrological sign they are connected. With each planet representing a personality trait, placing that planet in a sign will determine how that trait is expressed in you. For example, looking at the placement of Venus will let you know what is your way of loving, exchanging, sharing, how you envision and are in your relationships, with what values ​​you identify with and how you manage your emotional life. Someone who will have Venus in Aries will therefore be a spontaneous and impulsive person in love and who will need independence, while a person having Venus in Cancer will rather need protection, and will be more sensitive and nostalgic. Ah it’s technical, eh.

5. It’s not just the Sun, Moon and Ascendant that matter

To start in astrology, we can start by looking at where its “Big three” is located, ie in which signs are your Sun, your Moon and your Ascendant which represent very important parts of your personality. As Rayene would say, a colleague whom I will not quote, the Ascendant is a bit like the front of your house, the Sun, your living room and the Moon, your attic. However, know that it would be a very big mistake to only look at these three stars there because as we said earlier but we repeat for the two in the back who listen to hell, there are plenty of other super interesting planets to look at as well as houses and aspects that greatly influence how we interpret all of this.

6. It is important to watch houses for signs

Ok, now it will become more complex but I know that you are capable of it. Each house (the small numbers from 1 to 12), represent an area of ​​life. The placement of the planets in these houses will give you an indication of the areas that will have the most impact in your life and where the energy of the signs and the planets will apply. The houses are opposite, i.e. house 1 (relationship with oneself and knowledge of oneself) tackles subjects opposite to the house 7 (relationship with others and knowledge of others), which is directly opposite in the birth chart. For example, because I know that you love my little practical illustrations, if you have a lot of planets in the 10th house, you will know that your career, your relationships with others, your reputation and your success will be s of fulfillment for you. . Admit you have captured everything!

7. Aspects are the last important thing to look at in order to understand your birth chart.

Aspects are the little lines inside your birth chart circle that connect signs to each other. These aspects are calculated from the angular differences between two planets. This makes it possible to indicate how these planets coexist together. If the line is red, it means that the planets do not coexist well, that there is a tension, whereas if the line is blue, it means that the two planets are very comfortable with each other. other. Like they could have a little aperitif together and everything.

top 11 things to know about your birth chart (it's not my fault, i have mars in aries)

For example, on my birth chart, we can see that my Sun in Pisces feels like home with my Mars in Scorpio, but that he is not a huge fan of my Moon in Sagittarius.

Photo credits: AstroTheme

8. There are four angles to know

A bit like the planets, the angles of the birth chart relate to certain areas of everyday life. The ascendant (AC), which is part of the big three we talked about above, represents the image you have of yourself, your way of approaching the world and the image you give to others (your mask social). The descendant (DC), located opposite the ascendant, represents your relationship with others and in your relationships. Midheaven (MC) is associated with your career, what you want to achieve in life, your role in the world, and your social uplift. Finally the Sky Background (IC, don’t ask me why), opposed to the Middle Sky, is associated with the family and represents your roots, your traditions, who you are when you are at home.

9. We can also take into account the asteroids in the astral chart

Astrology specialists (don’t count me in) are divided on the issue of asteroids: some think it is important to take into account the influence of these celestial bodies in the astral chart while others think that their influence is anecdotal and little worked on. So it’s a bit experimental to talk about it, which explains why asteroids are not always represented in the horoscope. There are six asteroids (Lilith, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta) and like the planets, each represents a different side of the personality. For example, Pallas represents creative intelligence, logic, and how to approach different problems.

10. The elements are also important

If you are lazy to look at your horoscope in depth (in this case I wonder what the hell you are doing here, but let’s move on…), you can simply check in which elements your planets are located. In case you haven’t noticed, the zodiac signs come in four different colors: blue for water signs (Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces), red for fire signs (Aries – Leo – Sagittarius), brown for earth signs (Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn) and green for air signs (Gemini – Libra – Aquarius). Each element gives an overall idea of ​​the personality traits common to the signs that compose it. For example, if you have a lot of planets in the Fire element, overall you will tend to act with impulsiveness, leadership, and passion. Afterwards, do not justify your compulsive shopping by that in fact, we see you.

11. You can see where your planets are concentrated thanks to the quadrants.

Quadrants are another way of dividing the birth chart. Your planets may be concentrated in one corner of the circle and in the birth chart there are four quarters called quadrants, each with a different meaning. Having a large number of planets in one of these quadrants therefore means something to you: the 1st quadrant, at the bottom left, means that the person is introverted, independent and very self-centered. The 2nd, at the bottom right, means that the person is introverted but that they flourish through those around them. The 3rd, at the top right, means that the person is extroverted while giving importance to others and their romantic relationships. The 4th, top left, finally means that the person is extrovert, turned towards humanity and very open to the world. So what are you ??

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