Top 11 rare French words you won’t be able to live without

Sometimes, we would like to be able to designate certain things but we cannot find the words. So, it sucks. Fortunately, the French language is full of unsuspected res and is full of rare words that are nevertheless very useful on a daily basis. Some of them are certainly too long (because anticonstitutionnellement is far from being the word with the most letters in French, you know), but most of them are less farting. Bernard Pivot approves.

1. Pandiculate

Definition: You know, when you start to yawn while stretching your arms up and throwing your head back, like a cat that after spending six hours not fucking anything on the sofa, decides to get up to go continue not to fuck anything in a bed? Well, this action that sums up your whole life has a verb: pandiculate.

Scenario: “Let me panic in peace, I’m tired. »

2. Bacon crunch

Definition: The croque-bacon is the parasite, the one who always manages to take advantage of other people’s goods without having to pay anything, the one who has been squatting on your Netflix account for years without contributing to the costs or who invite people into their homes to eat by sight. We all have a bacon bite in our life.

Scenario: “What a croque-bacon this one, the day I change my Netflix password, he will see blurry. »

3. Low-grade fever

Definition: We’ve all had the experience of taking our fever, seeing something like “37.8°C” on the display, and then having a hard time determining whether it qualifies as a “fever” or not. Know that a very slight fever which is not normal normal but which is not really a fever either, has a name: low-grade fever.

Scenario: “I won’t be able to go to high school today, I have a fever. »

4. Zinzolin

Definition: Zinzolin is a color, a kind of purple verging on red. Typically, this is the color a clear sky takes on when the sun goes down.

Scenario: “Come and see, Roger, the sky is crazy. »

5. Chassie

Definition: Chassies are eye droppings, those little dried yellowish things that you take pleasure in removing from the corner of your eyes early in the morning. Be careful, unlike boogers, chassies can’t be eaten, it’s too dry.

Scenario: “This morning, I took off one of these chassies! »

6. Adelphia

Definition: When a boy has only brothers, he can say that he comes from a sibling, no problem. But when there are one or more girls in the lot, it immediately works much less well (from an etymological point of view). So, if you’ve ever wondered what the equivalent of siblings is when there are boys AND girls, there’s a word for that: it’s an adelphia. And if you want to know more, it’s this way.

Scenario: “She comes from an Adelphia of seven brothers and sisters. »

top 11 rare french words you won't be able to live without
Picture credits: Topito

7. Date

Definition: When we want to know what rank something is, we all use the word “how manyths”. The problem is that it’s not very pretty. But that was without counting on another word that has been around for a long time and means exactly the same thing: date.

Scenario: “Is this the fourth time I’ve told you this?” I don’t like pineapple pizza. »

8. Thick Chew

Definition: The mâche-dru is your friend who is not satisfied with the Golden menu but always takes a cheeseburger or a wrap in addition to everything else. You will have understood it, the mâche-dru designates a big eater.

Scenario: “Karadoc is a tough chewer. »

9. Strainer

Definition: In French, everything has a name, even that kind of little grid with holes where the water flows and the dirt gets stuck in your sink and your shower. This small grid is a strainer (and not a siphon, which designates the pipe below). You’re welcome.

Scenario: “Take your hair out of the strainer, it’s disgusting. »

10. Remugle

Definition: Remugle is the name given to this characteristic odor of a room or an object that has been locked up for too long, which is also called “wild odor” when it implies the prolonged presence of a human being in an unventilated bedroom type room. All that smells of remugle.

Scenario: “Wow, it smells of remugle, I’m going to twist. »

top 11 rare french words you won't be able to live without
Picture credits: Topito

11. Ababa

Definition: Your father’s father is your grandfather. Your father’s father’s father is your great-grandfather. But what is your father’s father’s father’s father? Look no further, it’s your abave. It also works for the great-great-grandmother. And besides, it’s easy to remember, no need to explain why.

Scenario: “Hello l’abave but qué pasa? »