Top 10 unusual nicknames for African football teams

African football teams are not lacking in imagination to find super stylish blases (or not, it depends). If some show moderate originality by using emblematic figures to qualify their teams (like the Pharaohs for Egypt, not phew original between us), we have dug up the funniest and most surprising nicknames for other teams. . Next to “Blues” it weighs not heavy.

1. The Dodo (in Mauritius)

Good the Dodo, we all know what it is, this too cute bird that the Europeans cheerfully exterminated in the 17th century when they discovered Mauritius (and which made it enter the pantheon of species that have disappeared because of Man) . This bird was described as slow, not running away from humans (not very lively as poultry) and with an almost cubic size. In short, he was the good buddy a bit stupid and unfortunately he disappeared partly for these reasons…

We do not really understand why a football team supposed to embody strength chose this nickname of fragile. Admittedly, this bird is a symbol of the island, but hey.

2. The Lycaons (in Guinea Bissau)

Again, we do not really understand the choice of this funny animal for this nickname. First of all, 90% of people don’t know what the lycaon is (don’t worry, you didn’t know either). Then when we look to find out what it is we see that the thing is not totally a dog and not totally a hyena.

So we actually don’t really know what it is but we know it’s not really stylish.

3. National Lightning (in Equatorial Guinea)

OK, the idea was going well: lightning is fast and it’s scary (no, it’s just me?).

But “national flash”, frankly it sounds mostly natural disaster.

4. The Cranes (in Uganda)

When we think of a crane, we see ourselves more with Gérard foreman than with a football team worthy of the name.

Certainly we are talking about the animal and not the machine, but once again it is an animal very far from being frightening or impressive, even if I want to recognize that it is a beautiful bird (and this is also because the crane is on the flag of Uganda).

5. The Knights of the Mediterranean (in Libya)

You understand why this nickname does not pass too much. When looking for a nickname, you have to do enough to impress, but not too much to remain credible.

There, we are clearly in excess. “The Knights of the Mediterranean” is clearly too much, guys, we’re not into the Knights of the Zodiac either.

6. The Copper Balls (in Zambia)

Here I am confused. This nickname is both stylish but also a little weird. “Copper balls” is the translation of “Chipolopolos” a nickname given to the team because of the presence in the Zambian basement of copper. Alright, why not. It’s better than “water tables” in a pinch.

7. Wasps (in Rwanda)

Wasps are boring, they sting, and it revolves around your food in summer, nobody likes wasps and often we especially want to kill them (it’s bad, don’t do that). Once again, the nickname is supposed to inspire warm feelings, and personally the wasps don’t inspire anything positive in me.

8. The Squirrels (from Benin)

You are serious ? There are not even really squirrels in Benin, what is your delirium? Well imagine that this nickname was given in the 60s because of the small size of the country whose football team wanted to “climb up”.

At the last edition of the CAN, they managed to go to the quarter-finals, so it’s time to find a nickname that slaps a little more.

9. The Coelacanths (in the Comoros)

Who here knows what Coelacanths are? Anybody. Except me. Because I did some research (nothing crazy, I typed “Coelacanths” on Google). This strange animal is therefore a kind of sharkfish that has been extinct for 70 million years. And on the physical level it was not a bomb.

10. Azingo (in Gabon, and you will understand why)

Today the nickname of the Gabon team is “Les Panthères du Gabon” (pretty cool), but their nickname was originally Azingo. Well there’s no mystery it was in reference to the largest lake in the country. So far everything seems normal, except that the word “Azingo” means “bad luck”. No wonder that in the long run, the Gabonese federation decided to change the nickname.

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