Top 10 TV Show Parents Everyone Finds Cool While Irresponsible, …

We like the anti-heroes in the series. The producers manage to make us admire characters who are nevertheless really stupid, irresponsible or even completely sick. And that also goes for parents, whose kids could sometimes be pitied if it wasn’t fiction. Welcome to the parents who should be lowered in our esteem if we reflect a little.

1. Malcolm’s Hal

One of the characters that we prefer, all series combined, and this is normal: the daddy of Malcolm and his brothers is funny with all his tocs, his lines which are clearly part of the best lines of Malcolm and his all the more stupid whims. one than the other. But it is still one of the worst examples of possible parents. He is unable to properly take care of his kids who take the opportunity to abuse his kindness and do bullshit as soon as his back is turned. If Lois weren’t there, you couldn’t imagine the chaos.

2. Homer Simpson

Violent towards his son Bart (even if there is sometimes something), and always on the verge of creating a nuclear disaster at his job, Homer Simpson is also a drunkard who spends his time at the bar with his friends. We can add to that the fact that his daughter Lisa is constantly looking for attention from her father that she hardly ever manages to get (or he crashes when he tries.) But we like her. anyway, just because he’s stupid. If you are a fan like us, you certainly already have the panoply of gifts for Simpsons fans.

3. Ned Stark

He’s only here for one season in Game of Thrones but almost everyone finds him awesome, even as a family man and chieftain. Yet he leaves for Port-Real without listening to his kids and does not oppose the marriage of his daughter to the madman who killed his wolf. We have seen better as a daddy.

Photo credits: Game of Thrones – HBO

4. Walter White

The main character of Breaking Bad is played by the same Bryan Cranston who plays Malcolm’s Hal, so that makes two irresponsible parenting roles for one actor. While Walter White’s intention of illegally earning money to protect his family from want before his death is laudable, he ends up going totally out of hand and endangering his family just out of a desire to own an empire of the world. drug. We have a little the impression that he only thinks of his face, and that’s not jojo.

5. Frank Gallagher

Shameless’s drunken drug addict daddy is junk, there’s no doubt about it. He takes advantage of his kids (and everyone who crosses his path) while leaving them to fend for themselves. But we love him as much as we hate him because his character is awesome (and well interpreted).

6. Jaime and Cersei Lannister

Already, having sex between brother and sister we can not say that it is mega responsible. Having kids between brother and sister is even less so. Letting one of them become a psychopath, another kill himself and yet another slip to the other side of the world and finally die is worse. Two deep, different characters that we love, but who are much more than irresponsible. We don’t really want to be their children.

7. Peter and Lois Griffin

Parents in the Family Guy series are hateful around their children and prefer their dog who is more important to them. Do we really need to say more? Yet that doesn’t prevent us from finding them as funny as they are stupid, so it’s okay. Not sure that it also goes for the DASS in reality.

8. Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)

The dad in Modern Family has two daughters and a son. So far, nothing surprising. But he completely abandons his daughters Haley and Alex in favor of his son Luc, the youngest. He would like to be a role model for him because he considers himself to be the best father in the world. So he takes her in all his stupid stories. It is surely because he himself is not aware of being an irresponsible father that we love him so much. But in real life the cops are called direct.

9. Lori and Rick Grimes

Between the lady who asks her son to help her give birth to the kid she had by cheating on her husband, and the gentleman who often puts his clan in danger by wanting to protect them too much (and wanting to attack other clans ), we are on a beautiful pair of null parents. Okay, everyone hates Lori, but on the other hand Rick is still a guy we love and want to see win, even if we could see him lose custody of his kids. It wouldn’t be a big loss for the annoying Carl.

10. Pablo Escobar

Yes, Narcos is based on real facts, but the drug lord is a rotten daddy because the family has to constantly move to escape the cops. These are not very healthy conditions to develop as a kid. But now, the charisma, all that, we find Pablo pretty cool. We’re a bit stupid, yes.

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