Top 10 things whose prices have dropped in 2022 (finally good news)

What to start this week with sweetness and pleasure: did you know that not all prices have increased this year? Yes, yes, I swear: some have even gone down. But if, but if, it’s incredible, but nevertheless true! You do not believe me ?? Read this little top that should warm your heart. And that of your wallet. Especially your wallet, actually.

1. Adult diapers

A price down 4.2%. To add to your list of gifts for Valentine’s Day, to help without breaking the bank. The opportunity also to increase your productivity at work as much as possible: no more need for a little corner break. TAFF, TAFF, TAFF. In addition, it seems that it keeps you warm: practical and eco-friendly to brave the January cold. Only positive, what.

2. Bottled sparkling water

More than 4% drop, there too. And I am not without telling you that water makes you pee. However, if you have followed well, diapers are THE bargain of the year. Everything is thought out. Hydration, pee, natural heating: at low cost and without moving from your chair. We say yes.

3. Batteries

3.7% cheaper. And that’s good news: it’s kind of THE thing we use all the time, for everything. No more old technique of taking the batteries from your remote control to put them in your Christmas garland. Then that of your Christmas wreath to put them in your new remote-controlled toy. Before you realize it sucks, put it in the closet, taking care to remove the batteries, to put them back in your remote control. Let’s enjoy a little TV movie, by the light of your garland, using your remote-controlled car to have cocktails delivered to you. Long live the batteries.

top 10 things whose prices have dropped in 2022 (finally good news)

4. Shoe polish

For shoes, of course, but also for leather and suede care and dye products. Good news, therefore, for shoemakers. Percentage decrease: 3.3% (almost).

5. Small appliances

Aka your toaster, coffee maker, juicer, deep fryer or raclette grill. YOUR RACLETTE APPLIANCE. I hope you’re already on the subway to buy yours 3.55% cheaper (WHAT? YOU DIDN’T HAVE ONE? But who are you?)

top 10 things whose prices have dropped in 2022 (finally good news)
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6. Light bulbs

-3.11%: enough to have light on all floors. Ah ah ah ah. (No, I admit, it wasn’t brilliant as a valve.) According to the JDN, this product family (halogens, compact fluorescents, neons, etc.) belongs to the section of “non-food products”. Important to specify, indeed.

7. Slimming products and diets

Would we finally realize that it was really shit, this stuff?

Well, yes, we know, the month after the holidays, it’s always more complicated. We all go there. The small foie gras that comes to fuck a whole year of work. WE KNOW. But we’ve already given you lots of simple and effective little techniques to lose the Christmas pounds.

top 10 things whose prices have dropped in 2022 (finally good news)

8. Shampoo and gel

2.6% less for these products; almost 1.8% for soap: good news for us, filthy that we are. No, I’m not insulting you, I see. According to recent studies, the French consume twice as much soap per year as the Germans or the English. So now that it costs you less: WASH YOURSELF, damn it.

9. Baby diapers

Because it’s not just adults who have the right to taste this low-cost luxury: the price of baby diapers drops by 2.3%. The opportunity to warm up while… Oh no, I already told you.

10. Rice, pasta and sauces and condiments

The student food par excellence, in short. The opportunity, therefore, to vary the pleasures by switching from Neapolitan sauce to Provençal. Or, let’s be crazy: noodles with spaghetti. Dear galley slave, who, like me, is looking for all the tricks to eat for less than 4 euros a day: these foods will cost you between 1.3% and 1.6% less this year. There are no small savings. And long live the pasta!

top 10 things whose prices have dropped in 2022 (finally good news)

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