Top 10 things the French do best according to Americans

Americans love France very much. Yes, yes, I assure you. They know how to appreciate our landscapes, our monuments, our culture… This ranking drawn up by CNN also provides proof of this, as it lists all the things that the French do best according to the Americans. A way, sometimes a little ironic but still, to pay tribute to us. And since we are polite (see point 6), we say thank you!

1. Cheese

It is certain that between Comté, Camembert, Emmental, goat’s cheese, Roquefort or even Reblochon… Nothing to do with this sliced ​​cheese which passes itself off as cheddar that we find a little everywhere in the United States or even this thing in a tube that is shamefully called cheese.

top 10 things the french do best according to americans

2. Shopping

Paris is the target here, thanks to the department stores on Boulevard Haussman, Rue de Rivoli and the Left Bank. Spots that allow France to shine internationally, and therefore in the United States, when it comes to encouraging tourists to spend their money. Luxury, luxury and more luxury! Americans who also appreciate the French sales very much, you should know that. Who’s stealing our bargains? Now you know…

top 10 things the french do best according to americans

3. Trains

This is more surprising given that the rail network is the subject of numerous complaints for us all year round. While we grumble about the delays, the Americans are delighted with the speed of our trains, which make it possible to reach the capital and the Mediterranean coast in just a few hours.

4. Traffic jams

The first negative point. France is famous for its trains therefore, for its cheese but also for its legendary traffic jams. Corks which are the direct consequence of our incivility when we find ourselves behind the wheel according to the Americans. Honestly it’s nonsense…

top 10 things the french do best according to americans

5. Politeness

And yes ! The French are polite! Even if, according to the Americans, it is more complicated. Because for them, the basic French, and that includes the Parisian waiter, is polite while being contemptuous. Not always, but sometimes. We say “hello” and “goodbye”, so we’re polite, but we don’t make a big deal out of it either… We’re missing a smile.

6. Being sexy

To illustrate this point, French cinema is cited as an example. For the average American, a good French film should contain nude bodies if possible mingling. The French are sexy, that’s how it is. He thinks only of drinking and making love. A true epicurean in short!

7. Luxury

The French luxury industry is doing very well thank you for it. In the United States and in many other countries, for people able to spend a minimum wage every lunchtime, France rhymes with luxury and voluptuousness. With overpriced clothes and champagne.

8. Customer service

The American is not fooled: sometimes in the stores, the sellers are a little bit upset. But he also knows how to recognize their ability to do their utmost to encourage spending, while emphasizing that with us, the customer is king!

9. Museums

The Louvre of course is in the line of sight but not only. France is a country of History and who says History says museums to precisely tell this History. The American also really likes the castles of the Loire…

10. Globalization

It is here the large French multinationals that are singled out. As well as the brands present all over the world. France, which may not have succeeded in imposing a chain of restaurants as popular as McDo, but which managed to skilfully place its pawns all over the globe. Thanks to planes, to luxury therefore, but not only… And that, the Americans, it strongly impresses them!

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