Top 10 things that should take place in 2022, according to the cinema

The problem with movies that are set in the future is that someday their distant date arrives. And there, it’s rarely like in the work, generally the writers have gone a little far and it gives things very crossed out. Last year we showed you the things that were supposed to happen in 2021 according to the films and there was already a lot of bullshit, so we decided to put the cover back with those that take place in 2022. Spoiler: it’s not better.

2. We should send prisoners to space like in “Alien Intruder” (1993)

Life sentence prisoners are sent into space to rescue a lost ship. If they succeed in their mission, their sentence will be canceled, if they die, well, they will be dead. On board the ship they can have virtual reality sex with a lot of women, but another woman walks in and kills all the women in the simulation. Except that she also appears outside the simulation to flirt with them. Spoiler: she’s not human. So far it sounds a lot like bad science fiction, but why not.

3. We should let people kill each other like in “American Nightmare” (2013)

In a society where crime has become unmanageable, the authorities decide to leave a night of “freedom” where all people can carry out all the crimes they want in order to keep everyone there wise the rest of the year.

4. We should see werewolves detectives like in “Among the shadows” (2019)

A private investigator, a government conspiracy, murders, a thrilling investigation and a long line of werewolves… That’s pretty much the “Among the Shadows” program which also takes place in 2022. Probably the most plausible of all for once this one.

5. We should see bad plagiarism of “The Thing” as in “The Dark Side of the Moon” (1990)

The crew of a spaceship which must repair satellites which have nuclear weapons (why not) suffers a big breakdown and must board an old ship to recover parts. Well then there’s an alien bug that takes control of a body but in fact in the end we don’t really know if it’s really an alien or the devil. Yeah the stuff came straight out on VOD, it’s not amazing.

6. A tsunami is expected to hit Thailand as in “Deathwave” (2009)

Also called 2022 Tsunami, an unequivocal title, this film takes us like a wave in the race against time of an employee of the tsunami monitoring office in Thailand who tries to warn the world that a tsunami is going to erupt in Bangkok. And he’s right, the guy, but no one is listening to him. So we really hope that it will not happen in 2022, but unfortunately it is not an impossible scenario.

7. A big storm should burst the Earth as in “Geostorm” (2017)

You see the movie The day after ? Frankly it’s almost the same but with the actor of 300. This is the story of a satellite engineer who tries to warn the world and save it because he managed to see that a big bastard storm was going to hit the Earth and no one had it. seen because there was a nasty bug in the warning satellites.

8. A couple should give birth to the devil’s son as in “Hell baby” (2012)

Couple whose wife is near childbirth move into a New Orleans home, except neighbors quickly warn them that there has been a bunch of creepy stories going on in the mansion and what they would do better to get away. But the couple decide to stay, even when the woman starts talking like the kid in The exorcist. Well, it’s a horror comedy, don’t take it at face value.

9. Prisoners should be allowed to kill each other on an island like in “No Escape” (1994)

Imagine that the prisons were run by big multinationals, what would that be? Would the prisoners be left to fend for themselves on an island where they would kill each other and engage in acts of cannibalism? Probably. That’s the story of this movie anyway. Hoping we don’t get there this year.

10. A big alien attack should take place and we would be saved by Mark Hamill as in “Time Runner” (1993)

Yeah so it’s complex but basically there is an attack of aliens who screw everything but at the same time Mark Hamill gets sucked into a wormhole that takes him back 30 years. From there he realizes that the aliens were already on Earth and controlling the world and that they want to kill his pregnant mother to prevent her from coming into the world because he knows the real truth. Ok, that’s very unlikely to happen.