Top 10 things that age badly, ouch it’s hard

Time is unfair. If it improves certain people and certain things, it also gives a good shot in the back of the head for others. That’s how you end up with a lot of stuff worn out by time, stuff that hasn’t aged well. Stuff that maybe we should have put an expiration date on. Something to remember that no one is immortal. Apart from Elizabeth II, of course.

1. Gerard Darmon

Damn it’s boring to see Darmon aging. We adored him, but when we see him criticize without any background or argument the independent journalist Edwy Plenel like a reactionary uncle at a family dinner, it hurts. Bang on Mediapart because the newspaper reveals real problems in current politics, it’s still terrible. The guy has clearly aged badly. I have a little tear in my eye.

2. Sketches by Michel Leeb

In the 80s, imitations of the Chinese, the Swiss or the African made fun of just about everyone. Today, we all understood that it was racist and that we had to calm down a bit. So, maybe poor Michel didn’t think badly at the time, but when you see his sketches now, it’s very embarrassing. Besides, the rotten puns of Raymond Devos don’t age so badly after all.

3. Fawn

Us in 2013: “Wow Fauve’s Blizzard but it’s too deep it’s too beautiful I want to cry”

We two years later: “How could we cry about that? »

4. Our college photos

When you see our old looks from the 2000s, you understand that the photos better stay well hidden in a closet. But with a bit of luck, fashion will change again and our kids will dress the same in 2040. There will always be time to take out the photos to say that we already understood everything at the time. Don’t burn them too soon. The photos, eh, not the kids.

5. Pedigree dogs

It’s true that they are beautiful, these purebred dogs, but nevertheless, with all their congenital diseases of genetically selected animals, well, they age a lot less well than mongrels. A fit dog is always better than a dog with hip dysplasia or aortic stenosis.


From a cool place where we shared just about everything (even if we’re ashamed of our old posts today), Facebook has become as joyful as a hospice in the middle of a heat wave crossed with a filthy PMU. It yells, it rattles, it yells at each other, it gives its opinion above all, it insults, it criticizes everything. Basically, it’s filled with sad people who better do yoga. We miss the beginnings of Facebook.

7. Star Wars I, II and III

As much as the original trilogy (IV-V-VI) has become nicely retro, the prelogy has taken quite a bit of time. The palm goes to this crap of Jar Jar Binks, already quite boring at the time, which today has also become extremely ugly. Please give us a clean version.

top 10 things that age badly, ouch it's hard

8. Jean-Luc Lahaye

There are two things wrong here. First, the guy didn’t understand that to mess around with minors, you had to be a minor yourself (and again, we’re not even talking about the rape charges there). Second, the guy didn’t realize he was too old to wear ultra-skinny leather jackets. In short, he went from star of the 80s to convict of the 2020s, and we will not come to mourn him.

top 10 things that age badly, ouch it's hard

9. 3D versions of cartoons from our childhood

Cartoons go through the decades without being too expensive, but the same cannot be said for 3D versions. Look at the mouths Garfield and others Inspector Gadget in 3D: today, it’s just disgusting, even scary. The inspector, there, if I see him hanging out with a kid in the street, I immediately call the cops.

top 10 things that age badly, ouch it's hard

10. Topito’s first visual identity

Damn, luckily we’ve changed.

top 10 things that age badly, ouch it's hard

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