The top 10 Taylor Swift songs

The top 10 Taylor Swift songs

Top 10 Taylor Swift songs. Well, when it is about Taylor Swift, we don’t think she needs an introduction. Undoubtedly she is one of the best singers; Hollywood can ever have. Be it a solo song or an album, Taylor Swift’s songs are an instant hit. She is more than just a pop or country sensation; she is just a star by herself. Her songs have achieved leading space in country music and also made their place in multi-genre crossovers.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Here in this article, we bring you the top 10 songs of Taylor Swift. Yes, we just cannot limit, Taylor Swift within ten songs, but still we guess you will love it. Have a look!

  1. You belong with me

This is one of the biggest hits from Taylor Swift. On YouTube, it received more than 3 million views, and till date, it remains her third best-selling song.  But the best part of this song is it is based on the real-life occurrence of Taylor Swift. The song will offer you a glimpse of how she is in real life.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
  1. We are never getting back together

Now this is the ideal song if you have recently realized you never want to return to your ex. In this song, Taylor lashes out at her ex-boyfriends who just couldn’t realize that they were not meant to be together. Some of you might think this is a sad song, but it’s a fun song to check out.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
  1. Should’ve said no

Well, this song brings out the high character of every woman who was cheated by their ex-boyfriends. And this was based on a real-life incident too. When Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she wrote this song. It was an instant hit, especially among the ladies.

Taylor Swift

  1. Fifteen

For those who are struggling with the career and life at a very early age, this song is just for them. The high school students who struggle to fit into the adolescent years, they can relate to this song. It is pretty clear that Taylor Swift relives some of her painful childhood memories.

Taylor Swift

  1. Love story

Not every song of Taylor Swift has sad ending, painful memories and realistic incidents. This song shows the romantic side of Taylor Swift. It is one of the melodic songs where you can urge anyone and everyone to sing along with you. It has got a happy ending too.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
  1. Back to December

We have seen how Taylor Swift can portray the errant behavior of other people in her life. This song shows her nature and takes on life. Undoubtedly it is a well-documented one, and the video even includes her mistakes and wrong decisions that she made.

Taylor Swift

  1. Mine

We just cannot deny a lot of times we tend to run away from love. And this is exactly what this video is about that. The music video received a lot of appreciation and Taylor also portrays hoe she later realized the mistake she made. The lyrics are just mesmerizing.

Taylor Swift

  1. Mean

This song talks about the people who criticize Taylor. And the best thing about this song is how relatable it is. The song just crashes away from the judges and stereotyped mentality of the society. At the end of this song, we see the “nerds” and “awkward” peeps thriving in success.

Taylor Swift

  1. I’m only me when I’m with you

Well, a lot of times it becomes hard for us to forget our first love. The song is about how no one can understand you better than your first love. The lyrics are brilliant, and this tune will take you down to the memory lane when you spent good times with your loved one.

Taylor Swift

  1. Begin again

Taylor Swift is not new to heartbreak. Her signature songs are breakup anthems, but this song shows how she mastered the art of picking things up and moving on too. The Begin Again song captures the magical moments of meeting someone new after a breakup.

Taylor Swift

A tabular overview




Release date

1.You belong with meFearless2008
2.We are never getting back together


3.Should’ve said noTaylor Swift2006
5.Love storyFearless2008
6.Back to DecemberSpeak Now2010
7.MineSpeak Now2010
8.MeanSpeak Now2010
9.I’m only me when I’m with youTaylor Swift2006
10.Begin againRed2013
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