Top 10 stars who said bad things about their own work, nothing to be proud of

It sometimes happens that we are proud of a work, of a creation, of something that we have done and that we consider to be a success. And then it sometimes happens that it is quite the opposite, a feeling well known to people who have one day decided to have a second child. Regarding celebrities it’s totally the same, some of them literally shit on one of their works, whether it’s a movie, a book or music. That’s totally what this top is about, so I didn’t screw up too much on my intro even if I’m not so proud of it.

1. Jim Sheridan and the movie “Dream House”

You may not know Jim Sheridan’s name, but he knows yours. No I’m kidding, he’s the director of great Oscar-winning movies like The Boxer ” and In the name of the Father (with Daniel Day Lewis) or a biopic on 50 Cent. Anyway when he made the movie dream house with Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig he flatly asked for his name to be removed for the simple reason that even after trying to change the script during filming, he was not allowed to edit the film. He refused any promotion and shit in his dressing room (we should check this last info but it would be justified).

2. Robert Plant and the music “Stairway to heaven”

The singer of the best rock band of all time Led Zeppelin hates his most famous hit. He describes the song as “wedding music” and has categorically refused to play it since 1980. One day he even gave $1,000 to a radio because the DJ had said that if he collected the sum he would no longer play the music. Too bad, the song is good.

3. Anthony Burgess and his novel “A Clockwork Orange”

Already you have to know that he created his work in a hurry, writing it only for the dough (his words), but even after the success of this one he continued to say that it was zero, that we only talked to him about this book when, according to him, he had written much better stuff.

4. George Clooney and “Batman”

It’s not just the public who consider Clooney’s interpretation as one of the worst of the dark knight since he’s not even in the best batman, he himself says that the film is bad and his performance zero since he declared “Today it’s quite easy to look at it and say to yourself: wow this is really shit and I’m bad at it”. Just for that he deserves that we no longer talk about the film, out of respect for him and Batman.

5. Kurt Cobain and “Smells like teen’s spirit”

Like Robert Plant, Kurt Cobain had come to hate his biggest hit, revealing in an interview that people loved him only because he played too much on the radio. He had, in his opinion, written much better material and began to refuse to play it at some point in his career. Besides, he no longer plays it at all. Mainly because he’s dead you tell me.

6. Halle Berry and the movie “Catwoman”

In its history humanity has known dark and tragic events, but all that was nothing compared to the film catwoman for which Halle Berry had a Razzie Award for Worst Actress. A price that she also went to get with a smile. At the reception she said “I would like to thank Warner for offering me a role in this huge shitty movie. It was what my career needed, I was at the top, now I’m at the bottom. She clearly has self-mockery and that’s cool.

7. Franz Kafka and “The Metamorphosis”

The author of the famous book with a guy who turns into a giant cockroach did not like his job. In general, moreover, since it is estimated that he would have burned nearly 90% of what he wrote in his life. On his deathbed he asked his “best friend” to burn down his remaining notes, which the motherfucker didn’t. That’s how we got this book that Kafka hated and that my classmate Julie in ninth grade also hated to read without giving too many arguments.

8. Jim Carrey and the movie “Kick Ass 2”

While he didn’t disown the film or say it was crap, Jim Carrey said he was totally against all the violence in it and thought there was too much guns in it. He said all this after yet another massacre in an American school, so obviously it made sense, but he made it clear that we would no longer see him in films of the genre. Instead, he will only make better movies with Jim Carrey. Well he didn’t say it like that, I grant you that.

9. Channing Tatum and the movie “GI. JOE, Rise of the Cobra”

Channing Tatum isn’t very proud of the movie G.I. Joe, and at the same time how could it have been? “I fucking hate that movie” he said to an interviewer who gulped down his glass of water in the face of the violence of these words. But when you sign contracts you have to respect them even if you know you’re going to do shit.

10. Thom Yorke and the track “Creep”

The fans of Radiohead know it, the band members hate the track creepy. Singer Thom Yorke even renamed it “Crap” (shit) for a number of years (seven years) when the band categorically refused to play the piece live. Finally they have started again quite recently to very rarely cover it in concert because their fans still like the song.

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