Top 10 Songs by Stevie Nicks

Top 10 Songs by Stevie Nicks

Is Stevie Nicks really a witch? Many have thought so, what with her appealing outfits and mystical lyrics in the many songs she has performed with Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie Nicks

But while Stevie Nicks is best known for being one of the vocalists and key songwriters for the Mac, she is also a highlight accomplished solo artist. She has recorded several best-selling solo albums and continues to go on arena tours today.

She continues to be a star in the world of music:

  • Much of her work has become famous for her intense voice. The great and sultry performance of her work is extremely distinctive.
  • She has sold more than ten million albums in her solo career. Her 1981 Bella Donna album has sold at least five million.
  • Nicks also holds a great deal of experience as a talented singer for duets. Much of this is thanks to her experience with other men in Fleetwood Mac.

This listing of Stevie Nicks’ ten best solo songs is proof of just how great of a songwriter she is. Her work with Fleetwood Mac may be more popular but her solo work is still a real highlight worth catching as she goes on the road today.

Stand Back

This powerful tune was heavily inspired by Prince’s Little Red Corvette. She wrote the song as a great tune about being powerful and positive with a strong beat all around. Prince especially contributed to the song with his synthesizer performance although that was never credited in the official documentation to the song.

Edge of Seventeen

The song was inspired by Nicks’ grief over the deaths of both her uncle and of John Lennon. The emotion of the song is impressive but the guitar work from Waddy Wachtel is a key part of what makes the song stand out. The 16th-note riff is a key part of what makes it stand out.

Talk to Me

This beautiful song is a more pop-oriented hit for Nicks. The song has a strong style that is relaxed and thrilling. The positive sound of Nicks’ vocals is a big part of the song as it makes the track move fast and strong.

Leather and Lace

Nicks performed this is a duet with Don Henley. This was more of a country-inspired song that brings the great romantic interplay between Nicks and Henley together. Interestingly enough, Nicks originally wrote this as a duet for country legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter.

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

Another duet, this one is between Stevie and Tom Petty. The two sing lyrics about how conflicted they are in a relationship and how it’s not going anywhere. The song plays well as both a Nicks song as a Tom Petty song, which is appropriate seeing how Petty co-wrote the song with guitarist and longtime songwriting partner Mike Campbell.

I Can’t Wait

The amazing part of this song is that it was reportedly recorded in a single take. The song was designed to be a more dance-worthy song with a consistent beat. Nicks’ vocals about love continue to be the most memorable part of this song.

Rooms on Fire

This song is about a woman who realizes that while many other people have done unique things in her life, there is never a guarantee she will do the same things. The beauty of this song is clearly visible in the inspirational style of the song. It encourages people to do what they can in their own lives.

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

The death of Joe Walsh’s oldest daughter inspired Nicks to write this song about how people are influential to others. It is about the importance of making a difference to other people just like how Walsh’s daughter did for her. The heartbreaking nature of the song is especially important for how it is about aiming to be a better person.

Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind

There are rumors that this song was loosely based off of Nicks’ one-time affair with Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. The song’s beautiful style and the introspective lyrics could be hints to this. Either way, it makes for a real classic.

Planets of the Universe

This last song is more of a dance-oriented track. It highlights a powerful style from Nicks that was remade with an intense beat. Amazingly, this song was originally written by Nicks as a song for Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours but was left off it in the end.


Song Album Composer Release Date
Stand Back The Wild Heart Nicks 1983
Edge of Seventeen Bella Donna Nicks 1982
Talk to Me Rock a Little Sandford 1985
Leather and Lace Bella Donna Nicks 1982
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around Bella Donna Petty, Campbell 1982
I Can’t Wait Rock a Little Nicks, Nowels, Pressly 1985
Rooms on Fire The Other Side of the Mirror Nicks, Nowels 1989
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? Rock a Little Nicks, Olsen 1986
Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind Street Angel Nowels, Stewart 1994
Sorcerer Trouble in Shangri-La Nicks 2001

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