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The top 10 songs of Spice Girls

The Spice Girls are one of the most popular bands of all time. The Spice Girls band formed with five robust and independent ladies who joined 1994. With the release of their first single, they became an instant teen pop sensation.

Spice Girls SongsThe group had a message. The message was about the strength and power women can have in this society. This message made them a role model, especially for the modern day teenage girls. Till date, they have a place in the top list of all-time favorite women international bands.

  1. Say you will be there

This song portrays the bond and friendship that girls can have among them. It is a promise among the girls of this band that they will be there for one another through the thick and thin. The song is an emotional one, but the mid-tempo contains a bit of hip hop effect.

Spice Girls Songs

  1. Let love lead the way

Let Love Lead the Way is a powerful pop ballad that portrays the story of a single girl with an unknown future. The song brings an assurance to the girl that everything is going to be ok if she just let love lead the way. In the video, each girl represents the five elements of nature.

Let Love Lead the Way

  1. Move over

Now if you are looking for a peppy track from the Spice Girls, then this is the one. The song does not have much in the lyrics, but it has got a catchy and danceable tune. We bet the tune will be in your head immediately and it will be there for some days.

Move over
Move over
  1. Headlines

At one point in time, a lot of fans assumed that the friendship of Spice Girls ended. But this song proved them wrong. The girls might have an abrupt ending, but the swaying ballad confirms that their friendship is intact till date.

Spice Girls Headlines
Spice Girls Headlines
  1. Never give up on good times

This one was once again a dance track that offers an enthusiastic tune through the entire song. But the message of this song was even if you face unexpected incidents in life, we should not give up hope on good times. The song will keep you going even during the roughest times.

Spice Girls Never Give Up on the good times

  1. Viva Forever

Viva Forever is a sad song presented by the Spice Girls. The lyrics are extremely touchy, and the song is about a dying loved one. When our loved one dies, the memories hurt us a lot. And this is what the song shows through its video and lyrics.

Spice Girls Viva Forever

  1. Spice up your world

Spice up your world is one of the best and craziest dance tracks you will come across in the world of pop songs. It makes you feel like a world conqueror, and you can achieve almost anything. The song immediately grabbed the attention of nearly every teenager. It topped the charts in the UK. Though some of you might find the lyrics are childish, it makes the song so much fun.

Spice up your world

  1. Goodbye

Goodbye was the first song that had four spice girls after Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) left the band. The song offers a clear idea what the group felt after she left. The lyrics say about a girl who is trying to find a place in this world. And her friends assure that they are always there for her.

Spice Girls Goodbye
Spice Girls Goodbye
  1. Stop

Once again a dance track from the Spice Girls. The video is much more interesting in this song as it portrays the girls dressed up as their group heroes of the 1960s who busted the “Stop! In the name of love”. The video had hand-sign choreographies.

Spice Girls Stop

  1. Wannabe

Wannabe was the song that introduced the world to the Spice Girls. Their first single and a favorite pop dance song. The song is extremely energetic, fun and witty. And even if you are not a big fan of pop, you will be after you listen to this one.

Spice Girls Wannabe

A tabular overview of the top 10 songs of Spice Girls

SL NOSong nameAlbumRelease date
1.Say you will be thereSpice1996
2.Let love lead the wayForever2000
3.Move overSpice World1997
5.Never give up on good timesSpice World1997
6.Viva ForeverSpice World1997
7.Spice up your worldSpice World1997
9.StopSpice World1997

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