The top 10 songs of Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles, one of the leading ladies of Hollywood music industry, was devoted to music when she was just 6 years old. After reaching her teens, the Queen B of Hollywood kept on dominating the Billboards charts for her entire span of thirteen years of music industry and still counting.

Beyonce Knowles

Not only the solo’s, she also performed beautifully with her duet performances with Lady Gaga, Shakira and Justin Timberlake. In this article today, we bring you the top 10 songs of Beyonce that you just cannot miss out. And she is in her 30s. So you can easily guess, when most of the school kids were making it to the prom night, she was already in the Billboards charts blockbuster hits.

  1. Formation

This one was the first single release from her sixth studio album. The song is one of the boldest songs of this era. The lyrics are so much powerful. Though some of the fans criticized Beyonce for the lyrics, but the praise that Beyonce received for its powerful portrayal, just outweighed the criticism.

  1. Check on it

This was intended to be a song for the movie The Pink Panther that starred Beyonce. Considering the lyrics the song encourages men on a pub to appreciate the beauty of Beyonce. If you speak of the rhythm this was one of the best dance tracks of all times. The music video also won the best R&B video of MTV video awards.

  1. Run the world girls

The song speaks directly about the women power and what even a single lady can achieve if she desires for it. Though this song got the fans divided on the opinions of feminist anthems but it was also one of the most feet tapping numbers from Beyonce. The music video too received critical acclamation.

  1. Halo

Halo was popular because of the controversy it created because of its similarity to another song. But halo itself was pretty romantic song on its own. Few people are of the opinion that halo was inspired from the song “Shelter” of Ray LaMontagne. They lyrics of this song really touch an individual if you are romantic at heart.

  1. Irreplaceable

Now this one was Beyonce’s post break up song. But no other break up song was as popular as this one. The lyrics clearly show how Beyonce instructs her cheating boyfriend to move his things aside. And the best part is, as the song continues, she says his ex-boyfriend’s replacement is on his way.

  1. If I was a boy

We have seen a lot of feet tapping dance tracks from Beyonce, and this one is an emotional one. The song challenged the relationships of gender roles and offered a closer look at the painful relationships where the trust is gradually dissolving. This was Beyonce’s most vulnerable singles.

  1. Single ladies

Once again another song by Beyonce on women power. This one was iconic. The song not only speaks about women independence, but it is also the best dance tracks with catchy rhythm. It also has one of the best videos of all time.

  1. Crazy in love

This is a song where you can just instantly recognize Beyonce. The song is the first collaboration with her husband jay Z. This song helped her to propel her career and most recently the song was reinvented by Beyonce for the movie fifty shades of grey. The song received two Grammy awards.

  1. Love on Top

This one is such a happy and carefree song and it will never fail to put a smile on the face of listeners. The accompanying video was really appreciated by innumerable people. With such a wonderful ballad, the touching lyrics and the rhythm, Beyonce permanently created a place among the listeners.

  1. Best thing I never had

This song shows how amazing voice Beyonce has but a lot of times she is not credited for it. The song is a support for the broken heart girls that they are going to find someone so better than their exes that he will make her forget about the bad relationships.

SL NOSong nameAlbum nameRelease date
2.Check on itB’Day2006
3.Run the world girls42011
4.HaloI am Sasha Fierce2008
6.If I was a boyI am Sasha Fierce2008
7.Single ladiesI am Sasha Fierce2008
8.Crazy in loveDangerously in Love2003
9.Love on Top42011
10.Best thing I never had42011

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