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Top 10 Joan Baez most popular songs

Joan Baez most popular songs: Joan Baez has been performing for nearly fifty years and has made her name as one of the greatest performers in folk music history. In 2017, she will be honored by being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Joan Baez most popular songs:
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There are many parts of her work that makes her a standout in the field of folk music:

  • Joan Baez is a talented performer who is known for being a great wordsmith. She is also noted for performing many covers of other iconic songwriters. Her interpretations of their work are especially memorable.
  • She has recorded many songs about political topics and has been heavily influenced by the world around her. Some of these songs have also been performed in foreign languages.
  • She has also performed with many of the greatest singers and songwriters of her time. Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, and Bob Dylan are among the many people she has performed.

Joan Baez’s honor of getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an impressive feat. This listing of her ten best songs shows the great talent that she has held and how impressive of a performer she truly is.

Joan Baez most popular songs

Diamonds and Rust

This song is about love and how disappointing it can be. While many feel that they have everything out of their lives, they often find that love isn’t as great as it is supposed to be. This song brings about a great deal of drama and emotion.

Sweet Sir Galahad

This song was performed at the Woodstock festival. It is about the second marriage of her sister and the beauty of love. The song has a classic style that is memorable and fascinating and includes plenty of vivid imagery.

Blowing In the Wind

Joan Baez covered many Bob Dylan songs, but this rendition of his anti-war song may be the greatest performance of his work that she has ever performed. This cover carries forward the emotion of finding an answer to the mysteries of the world. The incredibly heartbreaking vocals of her work are especially memorable.

Forever Young

Another great Dylan cover, Baez brings this song forward with a memorable sound about moving forward in the world and not being afraid of other people. The classic style of this song is very memorable while her grace makes Dylan’s lyrics truly stand out.

There But For Fortune

Originally by Phil Ochs, this next song is about many people who have fallen apart in their lives and wondered where they would go with them. The song is especially about how ugly the world can be and that there is no telling where people may go with it in the future.

The Night They Drove the Old Dixie Down

The Band’s famed song about the downfall of the Confederacy during the end of the Civil War features lyrics from Baez that is a little different from the original. This came as she never paid attention to the printed lyrics. The song itself is an easy listening classic that brings the imagery of the end of the war to life.

The Long Black Veil

This song about a woman at a funeral mourning her loved one, and a man who claims he is innocent of murder has been covered by many countries and folk stars. Joan Baez’s version is a famous rendition that brings the heartbreak of the song to life. The song especially adds an intense tone.

Blue Sky

This Allman Brothers Band classic has been covered many times with Baez’s version being the most famous rendition. This song uses a powerful acoustic sound as Baez sings about falling in love and how open love can be. The positive vibe of the song fits in well with the original lyrics Dickey Betts had written.

Please Come to Boston

Whereas Dave Loggins’ original version of the song is about aiming to invite a woman to follow him along, Baez reverses the song. This is instead told from the perspectives of the women that Loggins tried to invite. This brings about a memorable and unique angle to the song.

God Is God

Joan Baez continues to be a memorable singer as this recent song that was written and produced by Steve Earle shows. The song delves heavily into religion and what people believe. It is also about how people today often think about what they can do with the immense power that they hold today.

Song Album Composer Release Date
Diamonds and Rust Diamonds and Rust Baez 1975
Sweet Sir Galahad One Day At a Time Baez 1969
Blowing in the Wind Joan Baez in Italy Dylan 1967
Forever Young From Every Stage Dylan 1976
There But For Fortune Joan Baez/5 Ochs 1965
The Night They Drove the Old Dixie Down Blessed Are… Robertson 1971
The Night They Drove the Old Dixie Down Joan Baez in Concert Dill, Wilkin 1963
Blue Sky Diamonds and Rust Betts 1975
Please Come to Boston From Every Stage Loggins 1976
God Is God Day After Tomorrow Earle 2008

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