Top 10 Songs By Rihanna

Rihanna has performed many noteworthy songs in recent years and has topped the charts many times. Which of these songs are among her best?


Rihanna has become very popular over the years for her great singing voice. She has performed all kinds of great tracks over the years and has worked with many other noteworthy dance musicians and some rap artists too.

The Rihanna discography has expanded over the years to include a number of great songs. These include many that have been big platinum sellers:

  • Each of Rihanna’s albums have been in the Top Ten in the United States charts. A few of them have also gotten to the top of the list.
  • Rihanna has also released many singles that have topped the charts in the United States and other parts of the world. She has topped the charts in many countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.
  • Rihanna has also gotten big enough to perform with many of the hottest stars in music. She has performed with Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Shakira to name a few.


Rihanna is especially successful in that she has gotten fourteen Number One singles in the United States as of the end of 2016. This makes her fourth in terms of that category behind only the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Mariah Carey.

This listing of the ten best songs by Rihanna includes some of the hottest tracks around. These include many songs that have been very big on the pop charts over the years.


Umbrella has what might be one of the most addictive hooks in all of popular music. Rihanna’s vocals about love and protection stand out but the chorus is just plain addictive and never lets go. It is no wonder why so many people have covered it from Taylor Swift to All Time Low.

Take a Bow

Rihanna sports a great TLC influence on this song. It’s about how life will always go on even after a difficult relationship comes to an end. The slow-jam sound of this track makes it a favorite in Rihanna’s discography.

We Found Love

This marks the first collaboration between Rihanna and electronic musician Calvin Harris. Rihanna’s vocals highlight a great message of finding love anywhere no matter how dire things are. It all blends in amazingly well with Harris’ house beat.


Rihanna sings about her interest in bondage in this dance song. As strange as the lyrics might be to some, the sexiness and confidence in Rihanna’s vocals make it a standout track.

Don’t Stop the Music

Dance clubs still play this song and with good reason. It is a great track that features a pulsating beat with Rihanna having a great and soulful sound. The song also uses a sample of Michael Jackson’s Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ to a memorable effect.

Rude Boy

Rihanna has made a few reggae-inspired songs here and there in the past. This particular one stands out for being sexy and alluring while offering a beautiful ragamuffin style. The steel drums in this song especially create a great beat all the way around.

Only Girl (In the World)

This next track is clearly inspired by Eurodance, a style of dance music that focuses heavily on melodic vocals. Rihanna’s vocals certainly fit in perfectly with this style of music. The entertaining beat especially focuses heavily on powerful bass sounds. This is all to create an amazing sound that stands out in all cases.


The atmospheric sound of Diamonds makes this a very memorable track. It is an especially positive number about being one’s best. The smooth vocals fit in great while the amazing synthesizer throughout the song gives this song a big M83 influence.

Bitch Better Have My Money

Designed as a trap song, this was co-written by Kayne West and Travis Scott among others. The song has a fun style with Rihanna singing about her anger over being spurned by someone. The pure emotion and energy in this song is especially thrilling.

Where Have You Been

Another song co-written by Calvin Harris, this track has a powerful beat and a memorable chorus mixed into one exciting song about Rihanna looking for someone who will please her. The song moves well between a great dance beat and a quick fast-paced interpolation of Geoff Mack’s country classic I’ve Been Everywhere.


SongAlbumComposerRelease Date
UmbrellaGood Girl Gone BadStewart, Nash, Harrell, Carter2007
Take a BowGood Girl Gone Bad: ReloadedEriksen, Hermansen, Smith2008
We Found LoveTalk That TalkHarris2011
S&MLoudEriksen, Hermansen, Wilhelm, Dean2011
Don’t Stop the MusicGood Girl Gone BadEriksen, Hermansen, Dabney, Jackson2007
Rude BoyRated REriksen, Hermansen, Dean, Riddick, Swire, Fenty2010
Only Girl (In the World)LoudJohnson, Eriksen, Hermansen, Wilhelm2010
DiamondsUnapologeticFurler, Levin, Eriksen, Hermansen2012
Bitch Better Have My MoneyAntiPierre, Bourelly, Fenty, Webster, West2015
Where Have You BeenTalk That TalkDean, Gottwald, Harris, Walter, Mack2012

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