Top 10 Songs By Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a pop music performer unlike many others. She is an intriguing and sensual singer with plenty of styles of her own. Let’s look at a few of her best songs.

Lady Gaga

There are not very many women in the world of popular music quite as intriguing as Lady Gaga. She has been known for her rather provocative songs and for her occasionally outlandish outfits. She is also popular for her uplifting and positive messages that are found in many of her songs. She has also been popular for her great and soulful singing voice.

Lady Gaga has become amazingly popular over the years and continues to be an international star:

  • Lady Gaga has sold nearly thirty million albums worldwide. Her debut album the Fame has sold more than fifteen million copies in many countries.
  • She has headlined many different music festivals all around the world and has performed at many iconic venues like Madison Square Garden. She also performed during halftime at the Super Bowl in 2017.
  • Lady Gaga has performed alongside many great names including Elton John, R. Kelly and Beyonce. She even recorded an album of duets with Tony Bennett.

There are some exciting songs from Lady Gaga that are definitely worth listening to. Here is a listing of the ten best songs in Lady Gaga’s great decade-long run as the queen of modern pop music.

Born This Way

This modern pop classic has become an anthem in the LGBT community. This is about being proud of oneself and not letting others be judgmental when it comes to who you are. The powerful dance beat fits in perfectly with this song.

Poker Face

This song was co-written by Lady Gaga about some of the many men that she has dated over the years. This song has a darker tone that is intense and creates a beautiful mood.

The Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga sings in this triumphant song about the beauty of life and how important life can be. This is especially about how great life can be when one is truly happy. The memorable saxophone solo from Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen’s late sax player, especially adds to the mood of the song.

Just Dance

Lady Gaga only took a few minutes to write the first version of this song but it continues to live on long beyond that. This is a very positive song about being happy and expressing oneself no matter who one is.

Bad Romance

The strange and hypnotic sounds that Lady Gaga has been known for over the years can be heard throughout this song. The song’s lyrics about being trapped in difficult relationships are easy for many to relate to. The chorus itself has one of the most memorable hooks in recent years too.


Lady Gaga clearly loves to perform for the fans. She knows that it’s the fans that keep her going all the way through her shows. This song is essentially a tribute to her fans for how they motivate her to keep going and be herself.

Perfect Illusion

Co-written by Mark Ronson and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Lady Gaga shines in this great song that has a powerful disco-inspired influence. The song is about the ups and downs of a relationship but there’s more to it than just that. It is also a commentary on how social media often contorts the truth in many ways to one’s liking.


The dark parts of one’s life are often ones that have to be embraced to truly enjoy the good things. This song carries this message forward with a great house beat added to it. The song’s music video, which features the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, especially brings the message and the metaphor open.


Another song with a fun chorus, this song is about the things people do to try to be famous. It is especially semi-autobiographical about Lady Gaga’s hard work and effort to be a star. It is also about the painful side effects that come with being a huge celebrity.

Do What U Want

Lady Gaga co-wrote this song about sexual desires that people often have for her. She says that no matter what people do with her, the thoughts she has will never change. R. Kelly makes a guest appearance on this song with his own rap verse that adds to the style of the song.

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SongAlbumComposerRelease Date
Born This WayBorn This WayLady Gaga, Laursen2011
Poker FaceThe FameLady Gaga, Khayat2008
The Edge of GloryBorn This WayLady Gaga, Garibay, Blair2011
Just DanceThe FameLady Gaga, Khayat, Thiam2008
Bad RomanceThe Fame MonsterLady Gaga, Khayat2009
ApplauseArtpopLady Gaga, White Shadow, Monson, Bresso, Zisis2013
Perfect IllusionJoanneParker, Ronson, Tucker, Lady Gaga2016
JudasBorn This WayLady Gaga, Khayat2011
PaparazziThe FameLady Gaga, Fusari2009
Do What U WantArtpopLady Gaga, White Shadow, Kelly, Bresso2013

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