Top 10 Songs By Adele

Adele There is very few singers in the world of popular music who are quite as ubiquitous as Adele. She has made a name for herself as one of the most appealing and soulful singers out there today.


Her work has been admired by people all around the world. She has especially become very popular thanks to some of her many best-selling records:

  • Adele’s second album 21 has sold more than 25 million units worldwide. Some claims suggest that she has sold 35 million copies of that album. The album itself has outsold such classics as Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill, the Eagles’ Hotel California and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
  • Her 2015 album 25 has sold about 20 million units around the world. It has sold more than nine million copies alone in the United States.
  • She has topped the United States singles chart on four separate occasions. She has also topped similar charts in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and France.

The amazing sounds and personal lyrics of Adele have made her a noteworthy figure that no one can resist. This listing of her ten best songs features many great numbers that show just how talented and impressive of a singer and songwriter she is.

Someone Like You

Adele’s heartbreaking ballad is about saying goodbye to a former love and hoping for the best. The song is about the sense of freedom that comes about when someone has gone and how life moves on regardless.


The music video to Hello broke a record on Vevo for views in its first twenty-four hours with 27 million people watching it. It’s no surprise as this is another modern classic from Adele about love and what happens after a relationship ends. There’s more of a feeling of self-forgiveness as Adele looks to move forward with her life in this song.

First Love

The challenge of trying to fall in love with someone even without experience is the subject of this great song. It is about Adele knowing that it is never easy to be in a romantic relationship but that things can improve with time.

Chasing Pavements

Adele has stated that she wrote this song not long after an incident where she punched a boyfriend that she heard was cheating on her. The song is about the problems that come with trying to chase down something that might not be as great as it sounds like it could be.

Rolling In the Deep

This Grammy-winning song has one of the strongest beats in all of her songs as it adds to the great emotion of the song. It is about how tough it might be to look back at a relationship and how it could have been different.

Set Fire to the Rain

There are two sides to any romantic relationships. The positive and negative parts of such a relationship are covered in this great song from Adele. It has a powerful vibe and a great uptempo beat to make it stand out too.


This theme to the James Bond movie of the same name also won an Oscar and a Brit award. The song is immediately reminiscent of other classic Bond themes from Carly Simon and Shirley Bassey and has a provocative feeling to it. The dark tone of the song especially makes it fit in perfectly with the movie it is for.

Hometown Glory

This was the first song Adele wrote as she did it not long after she was encouraged to leave her home in suburban London to attend university. The uncertainty of her life at the time was a key subject for this song.

Rumour Has It

Adele takes a jazz turn in this favourite that she co-wrote with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. The song is about the rumours that people often spread about their friends. Although Adele says it’s not about the media, it could be easily seen as a song about how tough the media can be.

When We Were Young

This song was written and heavily performed with a piano that was originally owned by composer Philip Glass. The song is about looking back at past loves and how difficult it is to think about the past at times.


Song Album Composer Release Date
Someone Like You 21 Adele, Wilson 2011
Hello 25 Adele, Kurstin 2015
First Love 19 Adele 2008
Chasing Pavements 19 Adele, White 2008
Rolling In the Deep 21 Adele, Epworth 2011
Set Fire To the Rain 21 Adele, Smith 2011
Skyfall Original Soundtrack Adele, Epworth 2012
Hometown Glory 19 Adele 2008
Rumour Has It 21 Adele, Tedder 2011
When We Were Young 25 Adele, Jesso 2015

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