Top 10 series characters who completely changed their personality

The good thing about shows is that you learn to love the characters more than your own family. The best series characters become so endearing over the seasons that we feel like we really know them and grow with them. Often, the evolution of the characters is coherent and perfectly written and then sometimes, there are changes that we don’t understand, but then not at all.

1. Carol – The Walking Dead

At the beginning of The Walking Dead, Carol is a fearful and retiring woman who lives in the shadow of her abusive husband. After the death of her husband (we were happy) and then of her daughter (we were less happy), Carol transforms herself to gradually become a super badass warrior who is no longer afraid of anything. Watching this series, we all have a little trouble understanding this desire to survive at all costs when all his family is dead but hey, why not after all.

2. Otis – Sex Education

In the first season of Sex Education, Otis is a very serious and calm teenager who likes to give advice to help others. Over the episodes, Otis becomes a very egocentric, moralizing and sometimes temperamental boy. Despite the fact that Otis is growing up and having some teenage issues, this sudden change in personality and behavior is quite odd.

3. Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad

Like everything else in the series, Jesse’s character development is smart and consistent. At the beginning of breaking Bad, Jesse is a nonchalant young adult who runs away from his responsibilities. Quickly, Jesse becomes a loyal man, a diligent student and more generally a character who hates injustice.

4. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson is a playboy, that’s what best describes his character. Of course, he’s also a faithful friend, a very good magician and an ace at pranks and games of all kinds, but his ability to flirt with girls at the bar is what comes first in his CV. Even when he goes out with Robin, Nora or Quinn, we can see that Barney is still a playboy at heart. And then one day, Barney finds out he has a baby and suddenly becomes the most serious man alive. A little easy.

5. Jimmy McGill – Better Call Saul

In five seasons of Better Call Saul, the character of Jimmy has changed a lot. Although honesty has never been his greatest quality, he was originally quite straight in his boots. And then things got a little out of hand and Jimmy went from petty shenanigans to dealing drugs. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

6. Ross Geller – Friends

Ross Geller is obviously the worst character in Friends. At the beginning of the series, we discover a morose and whiny Ross who depresses everyone by entering a room because his wife left him the poor kitten. He might be stupid, he at least had the merit of not being a big jerk. Gradually, Ross becomes detestable and we can no longer hear him complaining that no one loves him without ever questioning himself.

7. Nathan Scott – The Scott Brothers

We had to talk about completely absurd character evolutions and Nathan Scott is one of them. Before becoming a nice, wealthy family man and an exemplary husband, Nathan was a popular high school student and rich kid who bullied other students, especially his brother Lucas. So yes, they say it was because of her dad who was very naughty, but it’s a bit easy to change so much in such a short time.

8. Sansa Stark – Game of Thrones

Sansa is an underrated series character as we rarely see. Much like Skyler in Breaking Bad, Sansa is a character hated by many for no good reason. At the start of the series, Sansa is a spoiled brat who can’t stand her sister and dreams of becoming a princess. Quickly, the disillusions are linked and the terrible ordeals that she will experience will change Sansa into a strong and sure woman.

9. Mickey Milkovich – Shameless

At the very beginning of the series Shameless, Mickey Milkovich is one of the villains. Quickly, we learn to love him despite his faults and the fact of rubbing shoulders with Ian and his family will soften Mickey, to the point of becoming a decent and even pleasant human being.

10. Leslie Knope – Parks & Recreation

Like ALL the characters in Parks & Recreation, Leslie Knope was absolutely insufferable in the first season of the series. This sitcom is quite special because the writing team decided to completely change its angle and tone between the first season and the following ones, which explains the change in the characters’ personalities.

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