Top 10 Scientists With Too Much Free Time, Really Weird Research

Scientific research is an important subject that should not be minimized or ridiculed, we quite agree on that. That being said, there are some research topics that seem completely unnecessary and take time for scientists when we do not understand the purpose at all. We are going to bring up some of them, like that, without mocking (or just a little), because we wonder what they can be used for.

2. The study which proved that the drug war in Mexico increased the number of homicides

Yes, there have really been researchers who questioned whether an open war for the control of drug territories could increase the number of homicides. And yes, the result was positive, because the opposite would have been quite astonishing. There was time to waste in the offices of The American Statistician.

3. All the research to prove that global warming does not exist

Yes there is and yes it is funded by people. Probably to find proof that this is big bullshit so that some companies that fund them can continue to explode the planet in several places. It’s beautiful denial. Or the desire to make a profit. Both things are beautiful.

top 10 scientists with too much free time, really weird research

4. A study to prove the correlation between the names of hurricanes and their numbers of victims

Before you start laughing I’ll quickly explain the trick to you, basically the idea of ​​these people was to check if the name of the hurricanes had something to do with the number of victims they had caused, and their goal was to show that hurricanes with a woman’s name were deadlier. You can laugh now.

5. The study which proved that swallowing sabers could lead to risks for the stomach

It’s hard to tell yourself when you see during a magic show that if someone swallows a sword they risk having stomach problems. And yet thanks to a scientific study by the “British Medical Journal” we have finally confirmed that it can be dangerous to do this kind of thing.

6. The study to make the goldfish drive

The goal here was to teach goldfish to control their aquarium to study their spatialization. And it worked. Scientists have really succeeded. It’s great, to do what I have no idea but it’s great.

7. The study to find out if mosquitoes liked Skrillex music

A serious study that wanted to see if mosquitoes’ behavior changed when subjected to loud music, so we put Skrillex on them thoroughly to see if it made a difference. It turns out that females are less likely to reproduce after being exposed to music. This does not mean that we do not get bitten at festivals in the summer but for that we have some solutions against mosquito bites.

8. The study to find traces of DNA from the Loch Ness monster

Another proof that Scotland is the best country in the world, guys are following their ideas to attract tourists. To continue even further in the mythology, scientists analyzed more than 250 samples of water from the lake in order to detect the DNA of the legendary monster. They didn’t find anything conclusive, of course.

9. The study that proved there could never be a real Spider-Man

So basically this study was about animals able to climb “flat” walls vertically, based on several specimens. We deduced that the largest living things that could do this maneuver were geckos, but we still investigated whether humans would be able to do so based on their weight and a whole host of other parameters.

10. The study to find out if wearing wet underwear in winter could be a bad idea

Conducted in Norway, this study consisted of putting several people in a low temperature room, some of whom were wearing wet underwear to control their body temperature. The researchers concluded that thick underwear was more pleasant in wet and cold weather. I assure you that I am not inventing this research.

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