Top 10 reasons to have nothing to do with spelling, it’s useless this crap

Spelling is a brand new thing. Yes, yes, I assure you. The word was invented in the 17th century under Richelieu when the latter was creating the French Academy, which was supposed to write a dictionary in order to set the spelling standard for words. Except that this standard was not scientific, in reality it corresponded above all to the standard of the most noble. Basically, the main purpose of the spelling was to distinguish itself from poor people and women. In short, a dirty trick. So as we spoke to you not long ago about the big inconsistencies of the French language, we continue our crusade against spelling and we want to rehabilitate all your little common French mistakes.

This top is guaranteed to be full of mistakes. BALEK MY BROTHER.

2. Because no one really decides the spelling, so if no one decides, everyone decides

We tend to believe quite stupidly that it is the French Academy which decides on the spelling. But nay. Its mission is to record the uses observed in people and not to decide for them. The stupid thing is that people refer to the French Academy and vice versa. So basically no one decides on the spelling. And each time a reform is proposed it causes a scandal! Know that in 1908 the Academy proposed to get rid of owls, cabbages, pebbles, knees (not words eh, their plural) but well as we can see it worked blah.

3. Because each language reform proposed by the French Academy raises too many debates CALM YOURSELF

If we are to believe the offended reactions in the press to the slightest spelling reform, we have to believe that we are attached to this damn bug that is spelling. However, we are one of the few countries in the world to have such a complicated spelling and the worst part is that we are proud of it. Jesters that we are.

4. Because other languages ​​are written as they are pronounced and vice versa damn it and it’s a thousand times more practical!

If we take the Spanish for example the word “telephone” is written “telefono” it’s simple there’s no trap. In Turkish it’s the same, the spelling is totally phonetic, so we say “mayonez” for mayonnaise, or “ekler” for a chocolate éclair. These are not the only ones, we can also count Estonian, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian or even Finnish. Certainly they are not easy languages ​​to learn but at least they are easy languages ​​to write.

5. Because Molière wrote “misatrope”, la Bruyère wrote “mystery”, Lafontaine wrote “diferent” and Corneille wrote “whistle”

And until proven otherwise, we can’t say that they were totally stupid people.

6. Because it’s too often an argument for teasing in life or on social networks, and mokri is nasty

Come on come on, don’t be like. Of course you laughed at JUL’s last Tweet. Whether to criticize an article (hey, a top for example) or a tweet or whatever, the argument of spelling is essential. If you don’t know your spelling, you don’t have the right to express yourself. It’s still slightly discriminating, don’t you think? When one is aware of the complexity (and above all the absurdity) of French spelling, it is quite intransigent to claim perfect spelling, otherwise one assumes that the author of these mistakes is a big weakling. Even if in the case of JUL it’s true javou.

7. Because all the great authors have carved it out

From Voltaire to Flaubert via Stendhal, Rimbaud and even Jules Ferry, it breaks a lot. Flaubert thus wrote in his Dictionary of received ideas “Spelling: Believe in it like in mathematics. Is not necessary when one has great style”, as for Stendhal he simply writes in Letter to Paulina “Spelling, divinity of fools”. And yet these guys weren’t half stupid.

8. Because it was in the 1835 edition of the dictionary that we reintroduced the double consonants, the “ph” and the “th”

Not only are we knowingly making spelling more complex, but we are also imposing it at school with damned dictations while claiming spelling in the national identity. While I remember the spelling, it’s not the language. The worst is that it worked well since since this edition, French spelling has not changed one iota unlike most European languages. Holy shit.

9. The word “water lily” has no reason to take a “ph”

Imagine that in the specific case of this word, it is an error of an academician who believed that the origin of the plant came from the Greek “nymphea” when not at all. It comes from the Arabic “nilufar”. So since the 19th century, a “ph” illegitimately squats in this word (before we wrote nénufar). Since the 90s, both spellings have been accepted (despite the strong revolts of public opinion against this change ALERT PEOPLE RELOUS). It is therefore the proof that we do not care about the face of the world.

10. Because the 9th edition of the dictionary started in 1992 and it is still not finished

In 2000 the guys were only at the letter E and now they must be at the letter V. Frankly we can’t say that the guys are super rockets.

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