Top 10 reasons to hate Djokovic, this guy is unbearable

In all aspects of life you need a villain, someone you have the right to hate even if deep down he may be a nice guy.

In food it’s coriander, and in tennis, it’s poor little Djoko.

With everything that has just happened, and the fact that he cannot play in Australia, the Serb is in the sauce and is even more hated by the public and even by his opponents.

But why is Djoko so bummer? After all, he is still one of the legends of tennis. So yes, he is excellent in his sport but that does not make him someone appreciable with whom we would like to go for an afternoon hike on Sunday.

1. Because he’s been screwing up for 2 weeks

Surely you have seen the case in all the sports media, and even the general media in fact, but Djoko has just been thrown out like a slob from Australia because his visa was finally refused.

The reason is simple: he is not vaccinated, and Australia is currently fighting to set up a vaccination pass.

We are not going to give our opinion on the vaccine, but as Nadal says “he knew the rules”, and what is unfortunate for tennis is that everyone is talking about the Australian Open without even really talking. sport itself just because of this case.

2. Federer: elegance, Nadal: power, Djoko: beh Djoko

Many say it, but Federer is very famous for his elegant game and his fair play, Nadal is famous for his power and his determination, and Djoko places himself a little in between.

It’s never easy to have your ass between two chairs, and Arnaud Di Pasquale said: “his boring game is less powerful than Nadal’s and less elegant than Federer’s, when you analyze it with a specialist’s eye, he makes impressive things, but it affects the general public less”. That’s neither you nor I have a specialist eye and that’s why Djoko is just more difficult to watch.

3. Because Djoko is a bit megalomaniac

The guy created the PTPA (Professional Tennis Player Association) and therefore proclaimed himself the spokesperson for all professional tennis players (while there is already the APT, Association of Tennis Professionals), just that .

top 10 reasons to hate djokovic, this guy is unbearable

4. Because on the pitch he has a bad temper

Djoko is also known to scream, get angry and break rackets when things don’t go his way.

Obviously Federer is much calmer and even if Nadal sometimes has his excesses, Djoko seems more nervous, and that we appreciate moderately.

5. Because even if it’s respected, it’s still the 3rd wheel of the bike

As I said in point 2, threesomes never really work.

Look at the Totally Spies, we all know that Alex is kind of the one who’s there to decorate. So even if Djoko does not “decorate” (he now has as many Grand Slams as his two opponents), he enters a universe in which we have historically mainly fans of the Spaniard vs fans of the Swiss.

6. Because it’s not always super legit

It was in 2008 that the American Andy Roddick said at the US Open before facing Djoko: “He has pain in both ankles? And at the hip? And on the back? And cramps. And bird flu. anthrax. SARS. Either he tends to call the doctor a little too much, or he’s the bravest guy in the world. You decide “.

And we also know him for his long pee breaks (“toilet breaks”) between breaks that make his opponents rage. Not very sporty at all.

7. Because he seems haughty and is not always correct with the staff

Ok I don’t know him personally, but many agree that Djoko seems haughty, especially with the staff.

We all remember the 2020 US Open, when he got angry and swung a ball that hit a linesman. Even if it was not voluntary, the gesture was inappropriate.

In 2015, he also got angry with ball boys he considered too slow to bring him his towel. He will apologize later, but we see there a bit of his princess character which necessarily does not please everyone.

8. Because he’s too mechanical

Once again, as explained a little in point 2, Djoko is criticized a lot for having a super efficient game, and therefore not glamorous enough.

Here, Djoko is a recipe that works but is less spectacular.

9. Because he eats coriander in all his dishes

And that cilantro is disgusting.

10. Because there always has to be someone to hate, and if it’s not him it’ll just be someone else

Voldemort, Darth Vader, the Joker…every story has its villain.

And you see, each villain has his complexity, his story and is actually (or at least was at one point in his life) a good guy.

It’s the same for Djoko, the public likes to hate him, he’s not very popular, but maybe one day, if he continues to win everything and prove that he is a legend (and that he stop throwing bullets at people’s heads), it will also win the hearts of the spectators.

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