Top 10 quotes that come to us from advertising and we had forgotten (or almost)

In everyday life, we talk (especially you, you really talk too much), we chat, we come out with beautiful phrases, but we don’t always know that what we’re saying comes from a film or a pub. Or we’ve internalized ad quotes so much that we say them without thinking about them. In short, ADVERTISING DOMIIIIIIIINE US.

1. “And the groundhog puts the chocolate in the aluminum foil…”

A sentence that generally comes out of the mouths of people that we do not want to consider as friends, and not even as equals. Because usually it’s a redneck uncle who says that to you knowingly when he talks about the lies of politicians because he’s very politically engaged.

2. “You’re pushing the envelope a little too far Maurice”

Another somewhat forgotten ad back in everyday language. The proof, I said it again not two days ago. Damn, maybe I’m as handsome as my uncle at heart.

3. “It’s good but it’s hot”

Well OK it’s not so crazy to say this sentence in everyday life if we find ourselves in the inextricable situation of having to eat something good but also hot enough to distort our pronunciation. Well in any case, you will know it the next time, you pay homage to the Heart of wheat pie dough from Herta.

4. “I did it”

Advertisement with the brilliant Valérie Lemercier (did I already tell you that I liked her?) for the Délifrance cake. The sentence remained engraved. Certainly because the Dummies parody made it a cult quote.

5. “It’s the game my poor Lucette”

Yes, it comes from a Loto ad! So I know that there will always be one of you to tell me that he knows this ad and this quote very well, that I am a monster of lies, a scandal of ignominy, OK. But frankly, we are right on a sentence that we often say without knowing at all that it comes from an advertisement. My mother’s life.

6. “You can brush yourself Martine”

Like what the quotes that remain are often when they end with a first name. Martine, Lucette or Maurice always works. Understood, Bernard?

7. “Isn’t life beautiful?”

The unbearable kid of Fleury Michon is the author of this sentence. Now you know. Each time you say this sentence, a euro will go into his pocket. Do you realize?

8. “I need water, WATERUUUU”

Admittedly, it is possible to occasionally pronounce this sentence when you are very thirsty and you are in a desert, for example, when bandits have looted your last resources, when you have been walking naked for two days and when you are getting dangerously close to the dead. But in fact, the next time you find yourself in this situation, you will know that you are doing a quote from the commercial for P’tit Vittel.

9. “It’s strong in chocolate”

By force, I don’t know about you but I ended up confusing “it’s strong in coffee” with “it’s strong in chocolate”. It is therefore in all innocence, lack of culture and deep stupidity that this Chocapic slogan has become for me an expression of everyday language. But maybe I’m the only one. In that case please act as if you understand me.

10. “Without control power is nothing”

Strangely, I realized very late that it came from the commercial for Pirelli tyres, because until then it was always what I had been told in bed. But I never really understood why.

I promise you a next top on movie quotes that we didn’t even know were movie quotes so much that we say them. If you have the ideas upstream, do not hesitate to send them to me with love and respect.

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