Top 10 quietest places on the planet, yay?

We have already told you about the unexplained sounds of the world, today we are going to focus on silence. We are well aware while writing this top that it is likely to make a lot of noise. Unless, of course, it finally goes totally silent… which would be logical if you think about it. Because if silence is golden, these ten places on earth are real El Dorados.

1. Building 87 in Washington

The quietest place in the world was created by human hands. In 2015, Bill Gates and his band imagined an anechoic room isolated from outside noise and designed to absorb all the sounds emitted inside. The tests recorded an average background noise of… -20.35 decibels! We would only hear the sounds emitted by our own body, a little as if, according to those who have experienced it, we were returning to the maternal amniotic fluid!

2. Antarctica

Apart from the ice melting like sherbet in the middle of the sun, you won’t hear much to distract you from the silence of the place… except perhaps the calls for help from a Mike Horn in distress and his accent at the George Eddy of the ice floes!

3. Taak Bi Ha Underwater Cave in Mexico

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, the place is full of underground natural pools once considered by the Mayas as a link to communicate with the underworld. Apparently not very talkative minds, the place is indeed renowned for its silence from beyond the grave that only the presence of a few curious tourists occasionally disturbs.

4. The Kelso Dunes in California

The area is so hostile that even the fauna preferred to look elsewhere if the grass (there isn’t any!) was greener elsewhere. As for humans, they fled the scene a long time ago (except for the selfie enthusiasts who came to stage themselves for a few shots), leaving behind them the village of Kelso to the ghosts of the area. The very ones that we hear whistling on the nearby dunes… Unless it’s the sound of the wind playing with the grains of sand that form the largest field of dunes in the Mojave Desert.

5. Haleakala Crater on the Hawaiian Island of Maui

10 decibels is the sound level when you breathe. It is also the one measured at the edge of the crater of the Haleakala volcano, which, by the way, makes no noise when he sleeps… him!

6. The Landmannalaugar region in Iceland

Apart from rare congeners equipped with their backpacks, you will not meet many people in this steep region of the Icelandic Highlands. Moreover, the landscapes here are so incredible that they will leave you speechless. Enough to preserve the silence of the place and enjoy it religiously.

7. The Makgadikgadi pan in Botswana

This salt desert extends over 4921 km², roughly the equivalent of the Alpes-Maritimes but much quieter! And for good reason, it’s been 65 million years since nature froze in this arid setting where man only comes as a tourist to feel elsewhere and listen to the life that happens very well to him.

8. One Square Inch of Silence in Washington State

This lost place in the middle of the Hoh tropical forest in the Olympic National Park is to mark the stone White Red. It is indeed here that would be the place where noise pollution due to human activity would be the lowest in the United States. The place which became a sanctuary in 2005 is thus symbolically marked by a red stone placed on the ground by the sound recording specialist Gordon Hempton. Some airlines even bypass this area to protect it from all nuisances, even if it means going to annoy the neighbors a little more!

9. The city of Zurich in Switzerland

The Swiss capital is considered by the World Hearing Index as the major city in the world least affected by noise pollution. It would be ahead of the cities of Vienna and Oslo, while Delhi and Guangzhou would, on the contrary, be the noisiest cities on the planet. Paris would also be part of this sad list.

10. Your town library

Shhhhh!!! A little respect for all the people here who pretend to work!

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