Top 10 Professions That Pay Greatly, But Nobody Wants To Do

You don’t want to spend your life behind a desk and work 8 hours a day to live in a Parisian slum. You do not want to discuss with Marie about the count because she was dumped by her boyfriend, it’s all to your credit. But what to do then to continue to earn your living with dignity?

Know that there are jobs in this world that do not suffer at all from the employment crisis or the Covid, and which pay quite a bit. Plus, they’re pretty easy to access simply because nobody wants to do them.

1. Skyscraper scrubber

In reality, this job is much less dangerous than you think, because it’s super secure (well yeah, don’t mess around anyway).

So if you are adept at thrills and have a little maniacal and voyeuristic side (basically you are weird), this job is for you!

And you can earn around 3000 € per month: we don’t spit on it.

2. Chick sexer

Yes this job really does exist, and it’s not at all a weird thing in relation to bestiality (right now).

Not seriously, the breeders need experts able to determine the sex of the chicks (apparently it’s very technical), to know if we keep them to make laying hens or if we kill them to make nuggets, weird that no one does not want to do this job I do not understand. In any case, it’s paid around € 4,500 per month, so stop worrying about the animal cause, it’s time to retrain.

3. Naked model

Want to go Titanic with a DiCaprio-style artist who sensually paints your figure?

Well it is (almost) possible! Except that there’ll be a little fine arts student who doesn’t give a fuck about you.

If you are not cautious and comfortable with your body, nude model can be paid up to 25 € per hour by private artists.

So if you really decide to do this all the time and pose for 35 hours a week (you’re going to catch a cold), you can make up to $ 3,500 a month just by letting someone paint your butt.

4. Corpse makeup artist

Cadaver makeup artist or embalmer, or the more technical name: Thanatopractor.

Job a little bit creepy BUT also a little creative also since it is a question of pimping the dead so that they are presentable at the funeral home.

Mixture of biology and aesthetics, you must both know the human body fairly well and the brands of foundation according to the complexions (very serious). In short, you don’t have to worry about hiring: you will find a place easily (surprisingly), and you can expect up to 4000 € per month if you are self-employed. Job security and decent wages: I say yes!

5. Slide tester

Once again this profession really does exist. If it is not very popular, it is because it is not possible to exercise it all year round (the water parks are not all open all the time), and that if the test passes badly we have a one in two chance of fracturing our skull.

On the other hand, if you refuse to grow up and want to be paid to play children’s games, this is an option to really consider: paid around € 4,500 per month to slide your buttocks on loose slides, interesting!

6. Bailiff

So here is a super well-paid job: on average € 8,000 per month.

As a reminder, even if I know you know, bailiffs are very nice people who come to seize your property or outright evict you if you have too many unpaid debts. Well I guess it takes a lot, but to be paid so well to put people on the streets, is it really moral?

In short, being a deeply good person, I suppose that few people aspire to exercise this profession.

7. Rat exterminator (and others)

No, rats are not like in Ratatouille and no one likes having them in their home. Usually the only method is to call a professional to kill them (I find that sad) because putting a piece of cheese is not enough.

As few people want to spend their daily life killing rats (except people in the labs you will tell me), there are still a lot of places, and you can make around 4000 € per month so no hesitation, it’s already a more honest profession than a bailiff.

8. Island Guardian

The goal is to promote the island on the networks and, above all, to ensure its cleanliness. It’s a bit like a caretaker, but of an island.

In addition to that, it is ultra well paid: the Australian state offered a salary of 150,000 Australian dollars to keep an island as part of a tourism project.

top 10 professions that pay greatly, but nobody wants to do
Photo credits: JGHowes.

9. Young dynamic executive

Paid to do powerpoint in a management consulting firm and speak 50% in English when the words already exist in French: these are the missions of the young dynamic executive.

He studied for 5 years, including 3 years in a business or engineering school and today he is preparing to spend 40 years with his ass sitting behind a screen commenting on the health of companies that everyone is aware of. don’t care. Good plan ?

10. Mafioso

Due to the very risky nature of the profession and the difficulty of entering the field, few people practice it in France to this day.

And yet many very fascinating reports such as The Godfather or The Goodfellas show us that we make an extremely good living when we do it seriously.

So here is the salary is difficult to estimate but I can tell you that it will bring you more than your job as sales controller at Carrefour (quite respectable job by the way).