Top 10 political figures who have a tattoo

If some stars have tattoos full of meanings, we do not see why politicians could not have the right to get a little tattoo here and there. So yes, in real life there are very few who have visible tattoos because they are afraid of being judged, and it’s a shame because it’s really not our style to do that. This is why we would like to congratulate those who dare to defy people’s gaze to proudly display their little drawings, even the ugliest ones. Because there are some who are still badly missed, it must be said.

1.Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada already made us really want to live in -20°C for three quarters of the year to get closer to him. But now that we saw, when he got vaccinated, that he had a beautiful tribal tattoo on his left shoulder, we want to become the chair on which he sits, or the needle of his vaccine.

2.Wiston Churchill

And yes, Winston Churchill, the famous, would have had a marine anchor tattooed on his forearm. Makes sense when you consider he worked for the British Navy. But hey it’s still cheum, sorry.

3. Nicolas Sarkozy

He was trying to hide little Nico from us, but in truth he has a tattoo hidden under his Rolex. He even had it done by the Parisian tattoo artist Tin Tin who confirmed. Rumor has it that he had this tattoo done in Los Angeles while accompanying Johnny Halliday, but we trusted Tin Tin more. And I think that’s Gaddafi’s number that he got tattooed. In case.

4. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

The former Tsar of Russia reportedly took advantage of a trip to Japan to get a colorful dragon tattooed on his right arm. Not very original but good. He would also have escaped an assassination attempt during this same trip, but that is another story.

5. Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The two distant cousins ​​who have both been presidents of the United States sported the family crest on their chest as a tattoo. It is a style, after all, why not.

6. Stephanie of Monaco

Princess Stephanie of Monaco has a small passion for tattoos. She notably has an S-shaped snake tattoo on her back, a star tattoo all around her right wrist and a dolphin tattoo on her left foot.

7. Frederik of Denmark

Definitely, people from royal families like to get the ink under their skin. The Crown Prince of Denmark got a beautiful shark tattooed on his right calf. He has the fangs the Fredo.

8. Jean-Michel Baylet

Yes, our good former Minister of Spatial Planning got a tattoo in 2017 by the same tattoo artist as Nicolas Sarkozy. And not just anything more, a beautiful dragon in color on the shoulder. There are couples who share their milkshakes and others who share their tattoo artists, love is beautiful.

9. Vladimir Fanz

Vladimir Fanz is a Czech musician, painter, lawyer and historian who stood as a freelancer in the 2013 Presidential Election in the Czech Republic. No need to describe his tattoos to you, huh, I think you have the visual abilities to see them alone. Still, Vladimir Fanz still got 6.8% of the vote in the first round, which is more than Benoît Hamon in 2017 (and it pains me to admit it) and that he finished in 5th position. .

10. Gerald Darmanin

Seen at the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil in Paris last month, the Minister of the Interior sported a tattoo “My body, my choice” on his left ribs and a second tattoo representing the symbol of women on the level of the left biceps. He took the cause of violence against women to heart.

top 10 political figures who have a tattoo