Top 10 of the worst candidates of An almost perfect dinner, the cult show

A near-perfect dinner is five contestants a week, all responsible for entertaining their rivals for dinner. Five candidates per week, for 13 years, that’s a lot of people. And inevitably, among these participants, some have marked us more than others. Spoiler alert: it’s rarely for their friendliness or the quality of their menu.

1. Stephanie

The one who asks others to criticize for her. This time, it is Pierre who receives. On the menu: meat, served with its sauce, and mashed sweet potatoes. Yum. Donna, another contestant politely asks for some extra sauce. Peter runs. Until then, RAS. But when the host leaves for the kitchen, Stephanie accuses Donna of being dishonest, and of not having specified that this extra sauce was linked to a dish that was too dry. She therefore forces her rival to tell Pierre that the dish is not to her liking. But you’re a big girl, wear your crowns, Steph, right?

2. Sandra

“A word of advice, shut your mouth.” OUCH. Already, from there, we feel that the host is going into freewheel mode. “You’re not going to start busting my balls, because if I get up, you’re going to really hurt.” HEAR. We’re starting to freak out there. “You BIIIIIIP” + jet of glass in the face. Violent. You shouldn’t tell Sandra that her dessert was simple… But hey, as they say, only the truth hurts… NO, NOTHING SANDRA. YUM. TOO GOOD. Are you holding me back?

3. Fred

First week of February 2022, Saliah receives her guests. Among them: Fred. The guy enjoys it all the way, he compliments, Saliah sauce like never before, declares that his dessert is a killer. He also takes the opportunity to declare his love to the candidate, telling her that he loves her like a sister. It’s nice. And inevitably, we say to ourselves that love added to good food = a fabulous note. Well no. He gives it… a 2! His justification: it was good, but for me, you are not in the theme. THEN, either he thinks he’s Cristina, but he got the wrong cast, or he’s completely stupid. With a menu called “Quand le Maroc s’invite à Cassis”, eating dishes from the Maghreb is not funny, is it?

4. William

The annoying host. But still, we like it. We are almost in pain. His joke is really bad, there’s no denying it, but the guests could have at least smiled a little. Or a polite laugh. Just so as not to create this fucking discomfort… In truth, Guigui, it is your hosts who are not up to your talent. We hate them.

5. Jean-Fabien

It is impossible not to talk about him, since he was crowned “worst candidate of the show” by the newspaper Sud Ouest in 2013. On paper, the menu was full of great promise: crispy hot goat cheese, minced prawns and poached pear tarts. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned. The guy burned his meal, called another candidate for help and ended up serving a sea bass that was lying around in his fridge along with an omelet. During this time, a guest has left, tired of waiting. Unsurprisingly, he got a 2 for his meal. On the other hand, he won the affection of viewers. It must be said that the situation was funny, and rather entertaining to observe.

6. Peter Marsh

The worst bad loser. In the American version, called “Come dine with me”, the losing contestant chained the winner. “You won Jane. My god, what a miserable little life, Jane. You have the money, and I hope you’ll spend it on lessons in politeness and decorum. You have the grace of a dump truck without tires. Euuuuuuh, it’s a bit violent, isn’t it?

7. Yael

The guy who takes criticism badly. To the point of kicking everyone out. The guy has nothing to shake his guests, who do not fail to point out to him (without too much form, anyway, we conceive.) It was enough to make the candidate lose the pedals! “You want a great show, you’re going to get it! » And presto, everyone at the door. Did the guests touch a sensitive point? In any case, we put 1/10 for the atmosphere.

8. Anthony and Pamela

The pee-caca joke that does not pass. It’s not for lack of telling you to avoid this kind of humor at the table, bug! Just ask Anthony! When his host serves him prunes, he tries a little joke, “It’s a good laxative.” AHAHAHA IT’S NOT FUNNY AT ALL. A small reflection which annoys our dear Pamela, who, with an immense sense of repartee retorts “it’s your head the laxative”. BOOOOOOM. OYOOOOO HOW I WOULD NOT HAVE LOVED, PERSONAL!!!!! War is declared. Then follows a scene of rare violence, with “stop being beautiful”, and the throwing of semolina. Trash. Sensible soul to withhold.

9. Herve

The story doesn’t tell us if he was on the wrong show, or if he just freaked out, but Hervé’s activity was really cheeky… Well, he was cheeky… Euuuuh… IN BRIEF: he offered to his guests to get naked to redo the calendar of the Gods of the Stadium. Not trivial. Not shy, the guy.

10. Lily

On the occasion of a “special seduction” (5 candidates, to seduce Nicolas Lozina… Already, we are not a fan of the concept), Lili does not hesitate to be particularly humiliating with a candidate: Irina. After a little squabble between the two women, based on low level physical attacks, Irina finally decides to get out. CHEH LILI. In addition to taking a dirty average, it will have been strongly criticized on the networks. KARMA KARMAAAA.

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