Top 10 of the most abused billionaire whims, we do not refuse anything among the rich

What’s the point of having lots of money if you can’t ask for completely abused stuff all the time? To nothing. And as much to tell you, most billionaires have not worked hard to become one (or to inherit their fortune) so as not to have the right to have big whims at times. So we’re going to talk about some of those good old rich guys who decided not to give up when it came to making an unlikely request, winners all the way.

1. Go to space

It probably did not escape you, in 2021 Jeff Bezos (this billionaire who started from nothing) slammed a lot of dough to spend 10 minutes weightless in space. It was useless at all, there was no study or scientific research behind it, it was just a little whim like “I have money, I want to go into space so I make me happy”.

2. Make a yacht too big to fit under a bridge

Last nice little news from Jeff Bezos (yeah him again), since he had a yacht built in the Netherlands so high that it can’t pass under a bridge that dates from 1878. It would obviously be very stupid for the gentleman can’t enjoy his new $430 million toy and that’s why we’re going to have to take the bridge apart and put it back together to get him through.

top 10 of the most abused billionaire whims, we do not refuse anything among the rich

3. Have thirty penguins at his birthday party

A British banker living in Paris absolutely wanted thirty real penguins for the party organized for his 50th birthday, the theme of which was “black and white”. Besides no, not thirty, thirty EXACTLY. The organizers were obliged to have a refrigerated installation validated by veterinarians in the place of the party, all so that a guy who refuses to have a no for an answer could get what he asked for by using thirty poor animals for his leisure.

4. Move a railroad

A Russian billionaire who lives in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer woke up one fine morning when he saw that a railway was passing not far from his home and you mustn’t lie to yourself, it sucks. He therefore did what we would all do in these cases: he went to the Town Hall to ask that the railway be moved, offering to pay 100 million euros for the work. And you won’t believe it, those filthy poor people from the town hall refused. For once there was a good reason for the trains to arrive late…

top 10 of the most abused billionaire whims, we do not refuse anything among the rich

5. Bring elephants to Cannes for a wedding

In 2013 a wealthy Indian couple booked all the suites at the Ritz and the Carlton for three days to accommodate all their wedding guests. Then they privatized part of the Croisette, because it’s something they could afford, then asked to bring in two elephants to put on the show. Well, the town hall said it was a bit too much and refused. Again, they really don’t understand the luxury of the poor.

6. Have a “who will open the most bottles of champagne” contest

Two Pakistani and Malaysian billionaires had a nice little contest in Saint-Tropez to find out who could open the most bottles of champagne during a completely normal evening. Of varying sizes and luxury brands, they spent a total of 1.2 million euros in wasted drinks: 900,000 euros for the first and 300,000 for the second. We laugh a lot at the rich.

top 10 of the most abused billionaire whims, we do not refuse anything among the rich

7. Move a chapel from Russia to Antibes

For his wedding in Antibes, a Russian billionaire did not want to go overboard: he wanted to get married in a very specific Russian chapel but wanted to do it in France. No worries, we disassemble it, move it and reassemble it directly in France. Classic. Well after knowing that at his wedding Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Julio Iglesias sang, he was no longer a few million euros away.

8. Eat a golden entrecote

It’s always boring when you’re pissed off to find ways to slam it. Making donations is not crazy because in the end you don’t really benefit from your money, while slamming more than one minimum wage into a rib steak is good. But Franck Ribéry was not at his first attempt, he had already offered a watch set with diamonds at 900,750 euros to his wife. So I’m not a watchmaker but I believe there are cheaper ways to tell the time.

9. Bomb Mars

Elon Musk and his incredible moves regularly make the headlines of the press, which makes us think that he is a real super villain like in a bad James Bond. At one time he had proposed to colonize Mars in order to settle the big rich there and to make the planet more habitable he wanted to bombard it with nuclear warheads to release CO2. Not necessarily stupid from a scientific point of view, but still a big delusion of the rich.

10. Buy an island

Yes, so it’s a bit of everyone’s dream and Richard Branson, one of the founders of Virgin, did it at just 28 years old. Necker Island has been converted into a little paradise on earth and is today estimated at 60 million dollars, a ridiculous price when you are a billionaire. If you want to stay there try to become friends with him.

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