Top 10 of the best French comedies of the last ten years (according to the French)

Following a merciless battle between the biggest hits of the last ten years, the French (you readers) voted… And it’s “Untouchables” which is by far the movie you enjoyed the most. And we understand you. Nevertheless, as always, I was pleased to find that my favorite comedies were not in this top. And it hurts quite badly.

1. Untouchables, by Nakache and Toledano

IS THIS A JOKE ! We are still talking about a film that has received more than thirty awards around the world. So it’s not like absolutely the entire Earth knows about the quality of this comedy. In short, that’s no reason not to repeat how much we loved this brilliant comedy.

top 10 of the best french comedies of the last ten years (according to the french)

2. Babysitting, by Philippe Lachau

A story not bitten by beetles (yes) in which an adult type person loses a kid in a carnival and destroys his employers’ apartment. Well after that, other things happen, eh, but that should make you want to entrust your children to a third person (for the well-being of the latter).

3. The Tuches, by Olivier Baroux

Only one thing to say… “FRIES, FRIES, FRIES, FRIES, FRIES. ” 4 films already, it is proof that the French have fallen in love with this touching family with whom “Today you are a sausage, but thanks to Jeff Tuche, you can become a cannon”. Thank you for existing Jeff.

top 10 of the best french comedies of the last ten years (according to the french)

4. But who killed Pamela Rose? by Eric Lartigau

A classic of French comedy that we never tire of remater religiously every year. We will retain only one phase “You just have to look at you to know everything about you. You wear a skin knit under your shirt, so you like darts competitions and you are afraid of verandas. »

top 10 of the best french comedies of the last ten years (according to the french)

5. Case Départ, by Thomas Ngijol and Fabrice Eboué

As they meet to share their heritage in Martinique, two half-brothers (Fabrice Eboué and Thomas N’Gijol) are disappointed by the latter: a simple piece of paper freeing their ancestors from slavery. And these two badgers, instead of preserving it, tear it to pieces. Sacrilege, they are sent back to the era of slavery during which they become fully aware of the fight of their ancestors.

top 10 of the best french comedies of the last ten years (according to the french)

6. Papa or Maman, by Martin Bourboulon

It seems that you were seduced by the very corrosive humor of this comedy in which a couple of parents divorce and fight not to obtain custody of their kids (must say that we understand them). Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte operate wonderfully in this grating comedy.

7. The Little Handkerchiefs, by Guillaume Canet

It’s a deceitful comedy since we have a very good time throughout the film and then we end up in a huge PLS crying like a huge shit during the final scene. But if you know what I’m talking about: when the guy in slipper shorts comes back to Jean Dujardin’s funeral and throws sand in his grave. Well yes, but that’s how it is, in life we ​​laugh and then sometimes we cry too.

top 10 of the best french comedies of the last ten years (according to the french)
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8. The Kids, by Anthony Marciano

With Alain Chabat and Max Boublil as headliners, we suspected that you would enjoy this film which features two retarded teenagers, one in his thirties and the other in the prime of life. (a polite way of saying he’s old) who both struggle to manage their relationship.

9. Fatal, by Michaël Youn

A must for fans of Michaël Youn who here embodies the rapper Fatal Bazooka, a paragon of good taste (false) who creates a scandal in a crappy performance during a concert. He then becomes a shepherd and inevitably it does not happen at all as planned.

10. The Boys and Guillaume, at the table!, by Guillaume Gallienne

Brilliant comedy on the question of identity and sexual orientation (but not only), “Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table! » is in fact an adaptation of the show by Guillaume Gallienne (DE LA COMÉDIE FRANÇAISE) rather successful. Anyway, according to you. And me.

Uh, on the other hand, Rosalie Blum lastly, I don’t agree at all.

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