Top 10 Movies That Were Changed For China, But It’s Not Censorship (Yes)

Some pretty amazing things are happening in China, people are suddenly disappearing, the internet is controlled and limited, we watch children’s screen time, we don’t talk too much about homosexuality and we re-edit some films a bit, like that, for the public to better understand, is not censorship. Even Hollywood is forced to bow to the country by releasing altered, modified, cut versions of their films on the screens and everyone is happy because it’s not censorship. Stop talking about censorship, it’s not censorship. So there you go, now that we know it’s not censorship, we’re going to give you a few examples and you’ll better understand why the government is asking for these changes.

1. The end of “Fight Club”

You see the last scene of fight club at the top of the building with the hero confronting Tyler and where a bomb is about to explode? Well in China they didn’t see it because we decided to cut this scene and replace it with a black screen with text that says that Tyler is arrested by the police, reveals his whole plan, that the members of the chaos project are arrested and he goes to prison for several years. Much better, no? Then it’s clearer too.

2. One of the plot locations of the film “Looper”

Basically the movie Looper was supposed to take place mainly in Paris, but it was too expensive. Suddenly a Chinese production offered its financial assistance and we moved a large part of the filming to Shanghai and above all we retouched the script for the simple and good reason that films which talk about time travel are mainly prohibited in China, it could give people bad ideas (it’s not even a joke). The script was rewritten to satisfy the government and scenes set in China were added in the Chinese version. Everyone was happy, even Bruce Willis who rarely is.

3. The title of “Karate Kid” (2010)

Since karate is a Japanese sport, it didn’t make sense to shoot it in China by showing that it was almost the Chinese national sport, which is why the team working on it called it “Kung fu”. kid” before releasing it as “Kung Fu Dream”. The film is however supposed to represent Chinese culture through Jackie Chan who teaches karate to the kid, but if that is a problem for anyone, we leave it like that.

4. Mulan’s Big Mess

The live-action film Mulan was a series of decisions to please the Chinese government with first the removal of the little dragon Mushu (the government did not like it), then we removed a kiss scene and then we accepted to pretty much everything the government asked for in the end not to be happy. Basically people have pointed out civil rights abuses in China so much because of the film’s production that it has a bad image there. It’s con the studio had done everything right though.

5. Doctor Strange and The Elder

When the movie comes out Doctor Strange, many, many people yelled because the character of the elder (a Tibetan male character) was played by a white woman (Tilda Swinton). The problem was not that it was a woman, but that she was white, and many were indignant at this Hollywood practice of “whitewashing”. Do you know why the studio made this choice? Because he was afraid that if we talk about Tibet, China will refuse to broadcast the film and prevent millions of tickets from being sold.

6. The two three small changes in “Skyfall”

In order to be seen well by the Chinese government, the production of the film Sky Fall shot several scenes in Macau trying to walk on eggshells so as not to be censored too much. Well, there is a scene where a Chinese security guard was killed which was deleted and we also removed a scene of torture by Chinese agents but all in all it went rather well. The movie is one of the movies that broke some very expensive stuff but at least it didn’t break the relationship between Hollywood and the proud Chinese government.

7. All is well in “World War Z”

Have you noticed any strange things while watching “World War Z”? No, because things were done well. No, because the virus was originally supposed to come from China, but we changed so that it came from North Korea, it’s better when it comes from an assumed dictatorship. The scene with a Chinese officer blowing up an official building? It releases during assembly. Oh and the thing that said that the Tibetan city of Lhasa was the only one that had survived the epidemic, we laughed about it for five minutes while reading the script, but no, we didn’t shoot it.

8. The Chinese pirates in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

In this part of the adventures of the friendly pirates, the characters were seen teaming up with a Chinese pirate named Sao Feng (played by Chow Yun Fat). No problem, he was playing a rather nice commander but bad luck, showing a chinese pirate is considered negative and chinese audience could not understand, that’s why all his scenes were deleted in the version censored improved for Chinese viewers.

9. Maverick’s jacket in “Top Gun”

When the trailer for the Top Gun sequel was released, fans immediately noticed that his famous leather aviator jacket no longer featured the Taiwan and Japanese flag patches that were in the first one. Why ? So that the film could be released in China without any problem, the studio took the lead by directly removing the flags before being told what to do, it’s crazy how self-censorship goes by itself.

10. The nude scene in Titanic

Yes, so when we talk about (or worse show) homosexuality on the screen in China it doesn’t work, when we talk about time travel either, when we criticize the government I don’t talk about it and when we have the misfortune to evoke Tibet or to show a bad image of the Chinese it is badly seen. Regarding the nudity it’s frankly not better and that’s why in China the scene where Jack draws Rose naked was not really kept in the editing (a way of saying deleted), and this despite the director’s criticisms who wanted the scene to stay.

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