Top 10 Linda Ronstadt Songs

The story of Linda Ronstadt is very fascinating. There are many great parts of her career that are worth noting:

Linda Ronstadt
Linda Ronstadt Songs
  • She started out as a singer of country-inspired rock music. She was often compared by many as the female answer to the Eagles at the time.
  • Over the years she started performing more pop-oriented songs. Her voice was known to carry amazingly well but she never strayed from her country roots.
  • She also recorded a few Spanish-language albums in her career. These were heavily inspired by her youth as she grew up not too far from the border in Tucson.
  • Ronstadt even recorded a few albums with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, two of her greatest inspirations. They released two separate records under the Trio name.

It is fascinating to hear the great work of Linda Ronstadt to this day. Her amazing mix of country and traditional rock make her a standout figure that is unlike anyone else. Let’s take a look at her ten best songs from throughout her career.

When Will I Be Loved

The classic Overly Brothers song got a bit of a rock and roll boost in Linda’s updated version. Designed with a powerful rock style, the song has a fun and bouncy tone as she sings about her longing for a great man in her life. The song does well with linking her hope for a great man with an upbeat tone.

Different Drum

Mike Nesmith’s famous song was redone with a slight baroque rock sound. This was recorded back when Ronstadt was working with her original backing group, the Stone Poneys. The song is a great and motivational song about moving forward and never trying to be whatever other people want her to be like.

How Do I Make You

This song marks the most noteworthy of the new wave tracks that Ronstadt recorded in the 1980s. The charging guitar fits in perfectly with Linda’s intense and emotional vocals about trying to find a man who will love her. The intensity of the song makes it a popular standout track in her discography.

Tumbling Dice

If there is one woman who could take this Rolling Stones favorite and make it into something new it’s definitely Linda. The sultry vocals that she delivers on her version match up perfectly with the style Mick Jagger had on the original. Interestingly enough, Ronstadt performed this song during sound checks before any of her shows in the 1970s. This version even appeared on the soundtrack to the hit movie FM.

Heat Wave

Martha and the Vandellas might have had a great early Motown hit with this song and the Who had their own great mod-styled version of it but Linda’s version might be the best one. The updated sound of the song comes with a great bouncy beat that is accentuated by her intense vocals. The sound of the music is especially heavily inspired by one of her greatest friends in the music world at the time, Warren Zevon.

Just One Look

This is another R&B cover that offers a smooth sound to it. The sleek style of the track is made even better by Ronstadt’s smooth and silky vocals. The country influence from the light guitars and drum make this a memorable version of the song.

Ooo Baby Baby

Smokey Robinson’s iconic soul classic got an update from Ronstadt in the 1970s. The soft rock styling created a smooth and memorable style with the lush vocal performance being a real standout. It really highlights the powerful and romantic mood that Robinson created in his original track.

Don’t Know Much

Originally co-written and performed by Barry Mann, Linda sang this song with Aaron Neville. This powerful duet brings the two famous voices together in a great song about romance and being together. The charming design of the song makes it a popular hit to this day.

That’ll Be the Day

This version of the Buddy Holly song remains one of the most famous covers of one of Buddy’s songs. The great country harmonies on the song fit in perfectly with Ronstadt’s voice. The fun sound of the song fits in well with the upbeat style that Holly originally had so long ago.

Hurt So Bad

Linda could also turn the world around with a great soul-styled song as this track shows. This song is highlighted by not only the powerful high notes of her voice but also a powerful guitar from Danny Kortchmar. This song makes for a powerful tune that stands out as one of her best 1980s hits.

Song Album Composer Release Date
When Will I Be Loved Heart Like a Wheel P. Everly 1974
Different Drum Evergreen Nesmith 1967
How Do I Make You Mad Love Steinberg 1980
Tumbling Dice Simple Dreams Jagger, Richards 1978
Heat Wave Prisoner in Disguise Holland-Dozier-Holland 1975
Just One Look Living in the USA Carroll, Payne 1970
Ooh Baby Baby Living in the USA Robinson, Moore 1970
Don’t Know Much Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind Mann, Weil, Snow 1989
That’ll Be the Day Hasten Down the Wind Allison, Holly, Petty 1976
Hurt So Bad Made Love Randazzo, Hart, Weinstein 1980

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