The top 10 Katy Perry songs

Katy Perry is one of the best pop stars that the Hollywood music industry has got. She has got innumerable hits after her debut “One of the Guys” released. In just 8-9 years of her music career, she has achieved the success one can just dream off. She even tied with the king of pop Michael Jackson for having five No 1 hits from a single album “Teenage Dreams”.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has got a great collection of hit songs and it is really hard for us to bring you 10 best songs among them. Still, in this article we have made an attempt to offer you the 10 best songs of Katy Perry that you cannot miss out. Have a look!

  1. Double Rainbow

This is a sweet song. This song is about knowing and understanding how special a person can be in your life. And the best part is how you can connect with that person. The connection Perry describes, can happen once in a lifetime, as the lyric says “cause a double rainbow is hard to find”. The song is really touching one.

  1. Part of me

The song is about how a woman can feel after she breaks up when she truly loved that person. The song purged Perry to delve into the lingering emotion that happened with her after a painful breakup. She focused on reclaiming her independence and didn’t want to feel hurt again. That’s what the song is about.

  1. Firework

This is one of the catchiest songs of Perry. It is really inspirational. The song tells us that it won’t matter if the person you love has different values than you, what matters is, how that person is on the inside. Everyone is special in their own way and they are prepared to explode like a firework.

  1. ET

The song is Katy’s one of the powerful works. The versatility Katy offered in this song, along with the concept of the video, puts Katy on top. She was definitely considered as the female Michael Jackson of the pop songs.

  1. Teenage Dream

This is one of those songs that you will never be tired off. The lyrics are just amazing and the beat is really soft and melodic. But it is still fun to hear. We bet this song will be addicting for you once you listen to it. The song is one of the best songs for a teenager.

  1. Hot and Cold

We love the beat of this song and the voice is totally amazing. The music video for this particular song is creative. The lyrics and the beat made the audience bounce off their seats and we bet you just cannot sit in one place.

  1. Roar

The song brought back Katy Perry with a completely different persona. This was pretty quick for a person who was so fun and bubbly in nature. The song is wonderful with meaningful lyrics of self-empowerment. The song earned Katy Perry a Grammy nomination for both “song of the year” and best solo performance.

  1. Last Friday night

The best part of this song is its video. You will see the video says the last Friday night was really crazy for Katy; she didn’t look her best but still managed to have a great time in the party. That is an inspiration for those who are too concerned about themselves how they look.

  1. The one that got away

This is also a catchy track with a great beat. Katy Perry never failed to disappoint her fans when it was about a new song. The song is about sometimes you promise someone to stay with them forever, but it does not work out that way always.

  1. I kissed a girl

The song created a stir of controversies regarding the song lyrics and the video created by Katy Perry. Still, the song managed to sell out 1.5 million copies after the release and in no time it made its place to the top of Hot 100 tally.

SL NO Song Name Album Release date
1. Double Rainbow Prism 2013
2. Part of me Teenage Dream 2010
3. Firework Teenage Dream 2010
4. ET Teenage Dream 2010
5. Teenage Dream Teenage Dream 2010
6. Hot and Cold One of the boys 2008
7. Roar Prism 2013
8. Last Friday night Teenage Dream 2010
9. The one that got away Teenage Dream 2010
10. I kissed a girl One of the boys 2008

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