Top 10 Joni Mitchell Songs

Top 10 Joni Mitchell Songs

Joni Mitchell has made a name for herself as one of Canada’s greatest musical imports. The folk singer started performing in the late 1960s and continues to have a strong following.

Joni Mitchell

It is amazing as to how she has inspired many people throughout the world with her heartfelt music:

·         Mitchell has sold at least ten million records in the United States. Many of her albums have gone gold but her 1974 album Court and Spark is a double platinum record.

·         Mitchell’s work has become intriguing for how it entails many parts of her daily life. It shows that even a regular person’s life can make a true difference and be an inspiration for music.

·         The jazz influences in her music especially influenced many singer-songwriters. This focuses on the development of a beautiful melody to go alongside personal and influential vocals and lyrics.

There are not many women as intriguing or unique in the world of music as Joni Mitchell. With her voice and an acoustic guitar, she could certainly make any room light up. This is a look at her ten best songs and what make them stand out as amazing tracks in their own right.

Help Me

The jazz stylings of Mitchell’s work are prominently featured on this song. It is heavily about the nature of life that is mysterious and how hard it can be to even the easiest and most laid-back person. The great saxophone performance from prominent session musician Tom Scott especially creates a memorable song.

Big Yellow Taxi

This iconic track is about the environmental struggles of the time that can still be felt nearly fifty years later. The song has been heavily influential for its vivid imagery and metaphors. It especially brings about the importance of protecting the planet and the pains that come with losing it.

Both Sides, Now

One of her most iconic songs, this track is about the introspective nature of the world. She looks at her regular life and sees that there’s much more to the world than what meets the eye. It is fascinating to hear her strong values towards the world on this song.

Free Man in Paris

Mitchell wrote this song about David Geffen, the famed record producer and executive who has been a good friend of hers. The song is about how sometimes people just need some time to get away from the world. This comes especially as many people want to simply forget about their lives and the pressures that come with them.


This song became famous after Crosby, Stills and Nash covered it not long after she originally wrote and recorded it. Mitchell’s original version is more acoustic-based and strips the message down to a track about love and getting together. It was heavily inspired by Graham Nash’s experiences or at least what Nash said he saw when talking with her.

You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio

Mitchell sings here about her wish to be heard from other people. It is never clear as to who she is talking to or what her intentions are. This song highlights the fascinating intriguing that she has put into many of her songs over the years.

Raised on Robbery

The jazz influences of Mitchell’s work can be heard on this great song with a big band influence. The song is about growing up in a rough environment and the stresses of the world. It brings about a great sign of her evolution as a songwriter.

Chinese Café/Unchained Melody

This song is about growing up and the pains that come with moving forward in life. The feelings of nostalgia are especially highlighted through her incorporation of the Righteous Brothers’ classic song Unchained Melody. She especially reflects upon the problems that come with the world developing and changing so quickly.

Chelsea Morning

This song was made famous by Judy Collins but Mitchell’s original version especially stands out as a classic. The song brings about memories of Mitchell’s days in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. The strong imagery of this song makes it a true standout in her discography.


This song has become a modern Christmas staple although it is not necessarily a song about the holiday. The song focuses on the pains that come with losing a great loved one. The feelings of regret that she holds in the song especially create a memorable tone that is especially influential and intriguing in terms of how it is designed with a strong feel to it.

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